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RE: Subjects
Wed Apr 6, 2016 17:49

An intellectual conversation on this board would definitely be a refreshing thing. :)

  • SubjectsCatwoman, Fri Mar 11 21:18
    I am in the mood for some intelligent and intellectual conversations. In the next few days I will post something here completely Vampire or other immortal soul. (Not crap about immortal bodies... more
    • RE: Subjects — Spirit, Wed Apr 6 17:49
    • Re: SubjectsD, Mon Mar 14 09:03
      Cats your slaying me ha ha ha, 'S-Pam-ology' awesome well done. Ahhh yes long have i hungered for some good things to discuss, tripping up religious zealots is far too easy and not very worth while... more
      • D.Catwoman, Tue Mar 15 01:37
        I thought you would love the s-Pam-ology part lol. Yes well as clever and fun as it is to torment the mindless I feel it is time, even if between just us, to bring some form of intelligent life back... more
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