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Sun Apr 24, 2016 23:25

What do you think when you hear the word vampire?

Some dark creatures bidding in the dark, afraid of sunlight? Some being who must kill to satiate their need for blood?
Some immortal who has lived for thousands of years in the same physical form they are in now?

If so this is the wrong post lol.

I want to talk about facts, not fictional characters created by Anne Rice or Vampire Diaries. Grant it Anne Rice has a grain of reality in her writings and I do love to read them. I understand, though, on a much deeper level what the reality of true humans living with the soul of a vampire.

We are each born into this world as something. What determines what we are truely is not our physical shell but our soul.

I have an old world vampiric soul within the confines of a human body. This body fails me so much with chronic pain conditions and illnesses most would think I could not endure.

I feel it is the cost of having an old soul. Our physical bodies are as any other. We need food, shelter, clothing (though is optional in my home lol) sleep yadda yadda.

My soul however is nothing human. I was made aware of this as an infant so never knew differently. I had no clue that children did not play with ghosts, manipulate energy, see spirits of the corpses that surround me. I thought everyone was able to see my ghosts and interact with them.

As a result I got ostrisized as a child, used my ability to helps teens in group homes as a teen, then learn truth about myself and what it means to be a high empath, Chi borrower and create a world of stress free, spiritually aware energy around me.

I am an immortal soul. A kindred if you will. I understand that we need Chi to live. We absorb it in two ways however it is the very same thing.

Chi is life energy. Any living thing has it. Teresa, grass, water, air, fire, people, animals and electrical devices *groans lol*

I am an electromagnetic mecha. Not fun. If any electrical device starts to wear I am certain to destroy it. I have had blow dryers overheat and literally catch fire. OK that was once damnit lol. I blew up two rings televisions, several toasters, coffee machines, monitors a computer, etc....

I have better control over this however I still trip those pesky store alarms now and then or have something fall off a shelf. While with my ex husband his gf and I were sitting and talking. We were in a polyamourus marriage and she had just finished putting her books away. They were secure on a shelf when all of a sudden 6 books literally flew off the shelf scaring her. I said IT WASN'T ME DAMNIT! LOL. We all knew about my odd experiences.

So energy is life, life is energy. We all need it however what sets vampires apart ius that they must absorb a lot of Chi in order to be healthy.

Most human beings can replenish their energy with a good meal and nights sleep. However as vampires our soul has a...soul that is different.

Imagine your soul housing a glass. Most can fill the glass and live everyday life and go to bed with it half full still.

A vampires differs however because their soul is only half full of energy and our vessel has a hole which makes us loose that energy. We need to absorb energy either like a sponge and take in life energy emitted around us or by consuming some blood. Blood is pure Chi. It is the easiest way of immediately absorbing energy however we are not bound to be obligated to this.

We can feed off life energy as well. We simply need to absorb more. With blood we get an immediate energy charge. This is why many do blood feeds. It is not a large amount because our stomachs cannot digest lkarge portions for blood as it coagulates however the need for blood is real.

This was an argument that separates vampires in several categories years ago when I first discovered I am not alone. Others know what they are and understand we are simply different.

There is no immortal vampire, blood or sanguinarian vampire, psionic, energy or psychic vampire. There are only vampires. Period, that simple.

Now the ball is in your court. Let me know how you feel we are as vampires. Perhaps we can share an intelligent conversation and learn from each other.

For now....

Be well and walk in peace


    • Re: VampiresSpirit, Sun May 7 21:47
      Well written Cat. I hope you're well.
    • I was with Damon last weekIleth, Fri Feb 24 07:27
      He talked about you with great fondness.
    • Re: Vampiresfelix, Tue May 3 04:08
      A vampire is someone who feeds on blood. I don't believe in immortal vampires. There are human vampires as well as insects that feed on blood and other creatures. Our souls are eternal they live... more
      • Re: VampiresCatwoman, Wed May 4 04:54
        Thank you for your suggestion. Nothing can cure my illnesses. They can only be managed through medication (unfortunately a lot) and diet exercise regime I am on. I am 49 years old and my past is... more
        • Re: VampiresD, Mon May 8 08:28
          Hey Cats Yeah it is good to hear some discussion that this board was meant for. I for one believe in the restorative powers of human blood, whilst i dont think to understand how it works, it has... more
    • Bloody typosCatwoman, Sun Apr 24 23:32
      Theresa should be trees. Two ring televisions should be two Tube televisions OK next time I need to proof read Hahaha Cats
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