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Re: Vampires
Wed May 4, 2016 04:54

Thank you for your suggestion.

Nothing can cure my illnesses. They can only be managed through medication (unfortunately a lot) and diet exercise regime I am on.

I am 49 years old and my past is something that has not helped. I am a recovered crack addict who quit 16 years ago. I also drank way too much alcohol and was abused many times, sexually, emotionally, physically and psychologically.

What I mean by immortal is the soul being immortal. The physical body cannot sustain itself forever lol.

I like your ideas, though they sound much as mine. *smiles*

Nice to have an intelligent discussion here.

Be well and walk in peace


  • Re: Vampiresfelix, Tue May 3 04:08
    A vampire is someone who feeds on blood. I don't believe in immortal vampires. There are human vampires as well as insects that feed on blood and other creatures. Our souls are eternal they live... more
    • Re: Vampires — Catwoman, Wed May 4 04:54
      • Re: VampiresD, Mon May 8 08:28
        Hey Cats Yeah it is good to hear some discussion that this board was meant for. I for one believe in the restorative powers of human blood, whilst i dont think to understand how it works, it has... more
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