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Sat Jan 7, 2017 22:54 is everyone? What did people do for christmas/yule/holiday season?

    • Re: Soo...hello again, Sun Jan 22 06:34
      Whoops I posted the wrong link. This is my link to my channel
    • Re: Soo...hello PSV, Sun Jan 22 06:32
      It sure is died here. Come and check out my channel if you are bored.
      • Re: Soo...D, Mon Jan 23 08:46
        we'd do a lot better without people promoting religious bull crap on here thank you
        • ImposterIleth, Thu Feb 2 18:43
          I don't know who you are but you are not my boy. Why are you pretending to be Damon Thane? Are you not happy in your own skin? Its quite sad.
          • Re: ImposterD, Fri Feb 3 10:00
            who is pretending to be who now? PSV sorry sorry i know im behind with e-mails D
            • Re: ImposterPSV, Fri Feb 3 11:37
              I know you said a previous thread you said Cats can vouch, and no offence Cats, but I am not sold. I will wait and see, the real Damon would know how to prove it to me
              • OK hope this helpsIleth, Wed Feb 15 06:30
                Hey there you with the sad face come up to my place and live it up. Still don't wear socks hate cushions and cat thing died.
                • I willIleth, Thu Feb 16 08:11
                  I will He was amused he had a twin. He said "does N****a want me to tear his liver out" Then said if a guy in his pajamas writing shite gets more action that way good luck to him. Typical of the Thane
                  • Ileth..Psv, Sun Mar 5 17:25
                    Desperately trying not to sound like a needy weirdo here, but does he not want to catch up? I guess my pride is hurt lol
                  • Always with the liver?! PSV, Thu Feb 16 09:22
                    Such eloquence. And I don't know why he is surprised, he must realise the effect he had on people, is it really so shocking someone would try to emulate him
                • Thank youPSV, Wed Feb 15 13:04
                  Sad about cat thing but very happy to see the rest
                  • Also..PSV, Wed Feb 15 19:52
                    ..tell him if he wants to catch up use
            • ImposterIleth, Fri Feb 3 10:43
              You are not Damon.
        • AhemPSV, Tue Jan 31 11:50
          D...where is my email? :-)
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