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Re: To Ileth
Mon Jun 12, 2017 19:48

Waves does no one check face book messages or know how to email anymore that said ileth hun huggs glad your still around x

  • To Ileththe swan princess, Fri Apr 14 03:56
    Hello Ileth, I haven't heard from you for years. How are you? I haven't heard from Damon Thane in years. Damon and I used to write all the time and you occasional wrote to me too. How is Damon Thane? ... more
    • Re: To Ileth — Preist, Mon Jun 12 19:48
      • Facebook really Preist ??Ileth, Thu Jun 22 18:13
        I have never succumbed to the Facebook obsession. Hugs back x Ileth xx
        • IlethPsv, Fri Jun 23 13:28
          I'm sorry to hijack this thread but clearly from others this board is not what it used to be and I won't be returning. If you would ever like to talk you have my details, when Dami first told me... more
    • Re: To IlethSpirit, Sun May 7 21:39
      Hi I know this wasn't for me but I'd like to know how they are.
      • Well hello spiritIleth, Mon May 8 22:29
        Hello there. Me and mine are very well. Has life been good to you? I often think about my meet up with you and lechies with fondness. Did the path you were following pan out ? I do hope so. I am... more
        • re: Well hello SpiritSpirit, Mon Jun 5 19:46
          Hi its great to hear from you. Glad that you're all well. Things are pretty good with me. I got married and I live in York now.
          • Married !!! Ileth, Wed Jun 7 22:36
            Hello Spirit my darling boy,how good to hear from you. It's so good to know you are well and happy. I get into York on occasion,we must meet and have wine and such. Fondest wishes Ileth
            • Re meeting upSpirit, Thu Jun 29 23:40
              Hi sorry for my late reply. Let me know next time your're near York. It would be good to meet. :)
        • I'll bust in too!Lagrimon , Sat May 27 06:25
          It was a pleasure to meet you Ileth and Spirit with Lechies...a lifetime or so ago. Spirit, I hope you are well. Ileth, you too! Lechies I still hear from once in a while, though I crossed the pond... more
          • LagrimonIleth, Wed Jun 7 22:42
            Goodness what a treat to hear from you too,the woodwork needs to watch out as we are all coming out of it. So glad to know you are well,and to be living "over there"such a lot to catch up with,we... more
            • Re: LagrimonLagrimon, Mon Jun 12 19:31
              I shall give Preist a nudge :) Blessings x
              • LagrimonLechies, Sun Jul 2 22:16
                Thought I'd put my head over the parapet to say hello, Lagrimon had mentioned they had popped on the board, I'm pleased to see there's still some old friends knocking about, I do think of you all... more
                • LechiesIleth, Tue Jul 11 22:01
                  Well well DT glad you popped your head up. I was thinking about you just the other day.I was playing the CD you made me. How are the assorted little DT's Did the blood and guts idea happen. Love to... more
                  • LagrimonLechies, Wed Jul 12 00:09
                    Hello Mum, Hope you're keeping well, all 3 monsters are doing well, I'm up to my elbows in writing an EP with crushing riffs and shouty lyrics, something bad happened since we last spoke and it was... more
                • Re: LagrimonD, Mon Jul 3 08:25
                  and a hearty hello to you too. D
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