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Re: Distance
Tue Jun 20, 2017 06:49

And how would that be? I have consistently supported the true users of this board for more than 20 years. I can only imagine the people who feel put out are those who are here to aggrevate others or mis-use this place.

  • Re: DistancePsv, Mon Jun 19 13:27
    Tbh I think you've broken people's trust too much to meet up.
    • Re: Distance — D, Tue Jun 20 06:49
      • Re: DistancePsv, Wed Jun 21 08:23
        I can only talk about the last year, as that's when I returned to the board, but claiming to be someone you weren't
        • Re: DistanceD, Fri Jun 23 08:54
          Excuse me? I have never pretended to be someone I am not. I have never made any qualms about that.
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