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Fri Jun 23, 2017 13:28

I'm sorry to hijack this thread but clearly from others this board is not what it used to be and I won't be returning. If you would ever like to talk you have my details, when Dami first told me about you I must say I was very intimidated! I feel rather foolish about that now. In regards to him, of course I am disappointed he doesn't want to catch up, but I respect that it's his decision. Send him my love and best wishes, again he can always email me if he changes his mind. My intention isn't to disrupt his life in the way he once thought I would. Blessed be xx

  • Facebook really Preist ??Ileth, Thu Jun 22 18:13
    I have never succumbed to the Facebook obsession. Hugs back x Ileth xx
    • Ileth — Psv, Fri Jun 23 13:28
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