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Re: Longtime
Tue May 29, 2018 19:20

Maybe God wants you to pray for Damon Thane is why he is coming up in your mind.

  • LongtimeFireheartSF, Thu Mar 22 16:30
    I see this board is still up. Iíve not been here in years. Lately Iíve had a name running through my head that seems very repetitive on here: Damon Thane. Havenít spoken you in a long time Damon.... more
    • Re: LongtimeD, Wed May 30 07:44
      It is a name long spoken on here and I feel he had a big impact on a lot of people. Whilst i havent seen him around this place in sometime, there are still others of us that have been here a decade... more
      • Re: LongtimeFireheartSF, Thu Sep 6 05:40
        Their kin? I seem to be out of the loop on that. Though I do admit to taking a break from the vampire circles for personal reasons. Hasnít stopped my curiosity from peaking up time to time. Yes, I... more
        • Re: LongtimeD, Fri Sep 7 08:59
          FireheartSF Yeah ive dipped in and out of here for over the last few years. Good to know poeple are still here. But do be aware of the religous zealots on here who feel that committing a hate crime... more
    • Re: Longtime — Anonymous, Tue May 29 19:20
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