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Re: used rollers
Wed Apr 3, 2013 23:18

how much are they worth ?

  • used rollerskw, Wed Apr 3 15:10
    I tried to place a bid. However, I only bid what they were worth. Used rollers with dimensions given once as applicable to 10 used rollers but no statement as to taper of the rolling surface makes... more
    • Re: used rollersAnonymous, Sun Apr 7 02:37
      I see that you bid these and got them... how much did you pay ?
    • Re: used rollers — Anonymous, Wed Apr 3 23:18
      • how much are they worthkw, Thu Apr 4 16:20
        My bid would have been $5.00 each and my greatest fear is that I would get them................ But I'll take them for 5.....
        • Re: how much are they worthAnonymous, Tue Apr 9 21:10
          Hey kw, I got a whole 5 gallon bucket full of $5 rollers, how many do you want ???
          • rollersMike, Wed Apr 10 22:36
            I might be interested in some rollers. Whats thier condition?
          • $5. rollerskw, Wed Apr 10 16:42
            I also have 5 gallons of used rollers but I also have 3 tuckers. I have a 342A, 343A, & 1642. The 342 needs something like 100 rollers. If your rollers are in reasonable shape, perhaps we can make a... more
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