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Belgian Trans Antarctic Sno-Cats
Sat Nov 2, 2013 10:06

Thanks to Johan for sending me this link to some of the remaining Belgian Trans Antarctic Sno-Cats in rather poor storage. Pity someone in Belgium can't do something about this. I remember that another one is in the military museum in Belgium, rather better cared for.

    • CatsAnonymous, Mon Mar 24 12:36
      You can find a lot more of the story here:
    • Belgian Trans Antarctic Sno-catsMountain Mike, Sun Nov 3 17:31
      Hi Gordon, Greetings from the USA! This is truly a sad story. I recently sold my 743 Freighter because I'm not using it due to traveling the world over for the oil industry and I let it go to someone ... more
      • TomorrowGordon, Sun Nov 3 18:23
        Will put you in touch with Johan tomorrow Mike, when I'm back at a big computer G
        • TuckersWarren, Fri Jan 17 23:11
          Has anything happened to save these Tuckers? They need to be saved!
          • TuckersWarren, Sun Feb 23 04:26
            Sure be nice to bring them here! Buy them?
            • TuckersMountain MIke, Sun Feb 23 16:52
              Hi Warren, I agree! I sent Gordon an email to ask if he could get in touch with the gentleman that discovered them and ask if I could help save them. I offered to buy them just to save them. Gordon,... more
              • TuckersWarren, Sat Mar 1 03:12
                Maybe I could buy one too??? :-)
                • TuckersWarren, Sat Mar 1 03:26
                  I have a friend who comes from Belgium. If you can get an address or something maybe he can make a connection.
              • TriedGordon, Mon Feb 24 07:26
                Did try Mike - no response
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