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Mountain Mike
Belgian Trans Antarctic Sno-cats
Sun Nov 3, 2013 17:31

Hi Gordon,
Greetings from the USA! This is truly a sad story. I recently sold my 743 Freighter because I'm not using it due to traveling the world over for the oil industry and I let it go to someone who I hope will take care of it. That was a sad day for me... I was proud to own a Freighter. Now, seeing this story I am inspired to see what can be done to save these machines from their dismal and unworthy storage. How can that be done? Who can be contacted to talk about rescuing these historic pieces of Tucker history? I would be willing to help, albeit only financially due to my location here in the States. I would be open to some kind of shared ownership just to save them! Let me know if you have any ideas. You can email me at with your thoughts.
Thanks for Talkin' Tucker!
Mountain Mike

  • Belgian Trans Antarctic Sno-CatsGordon, Sat Nov 2 10:06 Thanks to Johan for sending me this link to some of the remaining Belgian Trans Antarctic Sno-Cats in rather poor... more
    • CatsAnonymous, Mon Mar 24 12:36
      You can find a lot more of the story here:
    • Belgian Trans Antarctic Sno-cats — Mountain Mike, Sun Nov 3 17:31
      • TomorrowGordon, Sun Nov 3 18:23
        Will put you in touch with Johan tomorrow Mike, when I'm back at a big computer G
        • TuckersWarren, Fri Jan 17 23:11
          Has anything happened to save these Tuckers? They need to be saved!
          • TuckersWarren, Sun Feb 23 04:26
            Sure be nice to bring them here! Buy them?
            • TuckersMountain MIke, Sun Feb 23 16:52
              Hi Warren, I agree! I sent Gordon an email to ask if he could get in touch with the gentleman that discovered them and ask if I could help save them. I offered to buy them just to save them. Gordon,... more
              • TuckersWarren, Sat Mar 1 03:12
                Maybe I could buy one too??? :-)
                • TuckersWarren, Sat Mar 1 03:26
                  I have a friend who comes from Belgium. If you can get an address or something maybe he can make a connection.
              • TriedGordon, Mon Feb 24 07:26
                Did try Mike - no response
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