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repro rollers
Thu Jan 30, 2014 16:48

I bought 10 of these several years ago. I have not yet run the machine with them. I have a 343a and a 1642.. Bothare in good condition over all but I've not had time to take apart and reassemble the steel tracks on the 343a. . I need to install the pin rollers. Those repro rollers look ok,.. however, other people have told me that they seem to stick and then wear flat. I would stagger them if I placed them. They are way better than the typical worn out roller. I would not place them next to each other.

  • Repro rollersTom, Tue Dec 31 02:10
    Does anybody have experience with the plastic rollers sno-trans made for the 443's? In need of some rollers. A picture would be good as well. Anyone making any of these?
    • repro rollers — kewx, Thu Jan 30 16:48
    • plasticj m davis, Mon Jan 6 02:29
      yup, have made plastic rollers with new pins and they of good quality and do work well. happy to chat about them
      • RollersTom, Mon Jan 6 16:20
        Thank you I can be reached at 970-261-3904..Tom
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