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Mon Feb 24, 2014 15:54

The seal # is 50092 national.
# is 18899 NAPA

The seal OD 3.194
ID 1.875
Depth .469

Make sure you prelube seal and deburr shaft before installing.

This case is pretty much planetary gear reduction divorce.
Was refering them to vintage because of the wide selection they have and the old catalogs they have.
That seal also crosses to chicago rawhide. and timken and others.

  • seal transfer casekewx, Mon Feb 24 15:31
    I am not sure that the transfer cases are related to Dodge. There must be some markings on the unit for ID. Try a search of the mfg.. Every case I've seen is a divorced case and so,.. any similar... more
    • SealsTo,, Mon Feb 24 16:38
      Thanks guys it done yesterday
    • Seal... — Billy, Mon Feb 24 15:54
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