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Lee's missing finger redux: Two photos
Wed May 13, 2009 7:06am

Bob: You may recall we kicked this subject around a year or so ago (by the date stamps on my below photos).

The HGWT episode is titled The Treasure (aired 12-29-62), although I'm not saying there isn't other episodes showing Lee's bandaged finger.

Since The Treasure episode was aired in late December of '62, I believe Lee's accident probably occured in the summer of '62 (when the episode was filmed) or maybe early fall.

It is in this HGWT episode that Lee switches from shooting right-handed to left-handed and back. This is not a film flip (reverse image), where such would make Lee appear he was shooting left handed, as everythig else in the frames are properly oriented. For instance, Lee was shooting out of a second story building window. In some scenes Lee was shooting right handed, in another scene, left handed. However, the street scene and items in the room Lee was standing in were the same.

Possibly, Lee switched shooting hands so as to more protect his injured finger from around the rifle trigger and cocking lever.

I took the below photo (regular and enlarged) from one of my cheap TV screens, showing Lee's bandaged and splinted finger -- what's left of it!



  • Have Gun Will Travelbob lackey, Tue May 12 8:00am
    There is an episode of Have Gun Will Travel and Lee is seen shooting a rifle from a moving train and that finger is bandaged up and we think Lee cut off the tip on that finger just before he did that ... more
    • Lee's missing finger redux: Two photos — Walt, Wed May 13 7:06am
      • thats the one Walt.bob lackey, Thu May 14 3:12pm
        I seem to remember one where it was more clear that Lee was riding a train. And THAT IS the finger. Lee's middle finger on his right hand is fine in the Twlight Zone. So it must of happened in mid... more
      • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaalttttttttttttt!!!!!Mrs. Cutlip, Wed May 13 10:35pm
        I do remember these pics and I have them saved too! How nice to read you again dear!!! Big, huge hugs!! I missed you a lot :))) BC (a year older, a year wilder LOL)
        • Mrs. Cutlip, you little wild cat! Purrrr!Walt, Thu May 14 4:19am
          Hope all is well with you down in the southern hemisphere. I know fall is there and winter is approaching. Hugs to you from hot and sunny Florida. Walt
          • Hugs back Walt!!Mrs. Cutlip, Thu May 14 2:29pm
            If you need a couple of extra hands to polish your car, feed the critters, water the palms during your spring and summer, just howl at me!!! I'm half frozen and winter is still more than a month... more
      • Thanx for re-posting these pix, Walt...DCG, Wed May 13 11:03am when I caught up with the orig Post from a year-anna-half back, you'd pulled them from your PhotoBucket archive, and so I couldn't capture them! Great job, "cheap" or no -- it clearly gets the... more
      • Oh my..Sue, Wed May 13 10:18am
        Should have called that episode... "Have Bills... Must Act" :))
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