OTish: Karen Steele (LVC co-star)
Fri May 29, 2009 11:33am

Since bob asked about Karen Steele's (mysterious?) death, here're the basics of what I've found, thus far:

1) KS died in Kingman, AZ on March 12th, 1988 -- the city in which she'd lived for the last years of her life.
(A family source claims she died at home, but there is reason to believe that she may have died at the Kingman Regional Medical Center.)

2) KS was confined to a hospital bed in her home for several years in the mid-80s with an undisclosed affliction.
(It is unclear as to whether she suffered from this affliction up until her death, and whether or not it was a contributing factor to her demise. Medical opinion, however, often finds links between extended declining health and cause of death...especially when the former closely precedes the latter.)

3) In 2005, Tracy Hughey (ostensibly, grand-daughter of Dr. Maurice Boyd Ruland, KS's husband at the time of her death) had this to say on the Yahoo Group devoted to Steele: "As for the cause of death, I am not at liberty to disclose that information as it is highly personal and it was decided that it should not be publicized."

4) On that same Yahoo Group, one Marquita Margo "Bebe" Torres/Doshier, a cab driver, claims that Karen Steele was her "best friend", and that she was witness to at least some of Karen's last days. Torres/Doshier paints a very bleak picture, suggesting that Steele's husband (as a doctor, apparently the Administer of treatments during her affliction) did not live up to the Hypocratic Oath. I am loathe to quote from T/D's messages, but if you're seriously curious, email me, and I'll FW them to you off-list.

If Torres/Doshier's implications are anything close to accurate, Karen Steele may have died from complications related to Diabetes. Those "complications", if this suggestion holds any veracity, may have involved the quality of Steele's medical care.

But this suggestion MUST remain in the category of Hearsay, as I have no idea who Torres/Doshier is, nor have I done further research to either confirm or deny her claims. They MAY be true, but they may NOT be.

Reminds me of the situation with Marilyn Monroe, actually...


Sources: Tracy Hughey, KS page at Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen (their article seems well-researched, citing numerous reputable Newspapers, etc), and Marquita Margo "Bebe" Torres/Doshier.

    • Karen SteeleTahoedirt, Fri Feb 16 10:38pm
      Just found this site and I'm curious what happened to such a beautiful vibrant woman. First thing I always wonder- Did she smoke ?? I guess everone fur. I'd like to hear more. Such a beauty.
    • Just a memory Tracy Hughey , Sat Jun 29 3:44am
      Thank you for posting this web board. I have been having so many fond memories lately.
    • Interesting, DCTheBad7, Tue Jun 22 5:06am
      Hi DC-- Interesting you should bring this up as I saw RIDE LONESOME for the first time not long ago. I always did wonder why Karen Steele wasn't a bigger star than what she was. It seems like she... more
      • I remember this G-man!.....Alanna, Tue Jun 22 7:39pm
        A very weird series of events I must say. You will get what I mean TD when you see it.
    • ?Tracy, Mon Jun 21 9:12pm
      ask Marquita who has her scrapbook then? if she knew her so well?
      • and...tracy ruland hughey, Mon Jun 21 9:14pm
        her directors chair?
    • Show me Da money!Alanna, Fri May 29 12:15pm
      when I get there G-man. I'd love to check this out, just for curiosity sake mind you.
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