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287. Henry7 Post (Henry A.6, Abraham5, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born February
13, 1816 in New Jersey, and died Unknown. He married (1) Mary McGrady. She died Unknown. He married (2)
Eliza H. Stevenson January 01, 1846, daughter of Arthur Stevenson and Martha Heusted. She was born January 28,
1818 in New Jersey, and died Unknown.
Notes for Henry Post:
Listed on the 1880 Federal Somerset County Census, page 36, enumeration district 160 for the Township of
Hillsboro, Village of South Branch with wife Eliza and children George, John and Sarah.
More About Henry Post:
Burial: Unknown, Readington Reformed Church Cemetery
Occupation: Blacksmith
More About Henry Post and Eliza Stevenson:
Marriage: January 01, 1846
Children of Henry Post and Eliza Stevenson are:
384 i. Martha8 Post, died Unknown.
+ 385 ii. George W. Post, born 1852 in Somerville, NJ; died December 23, 1895 in New Jersey.
386 iii. Arthur Post, born 1853; died Unknown.
387 iv. John Post, born 1854; died Unknown.
388 v. Sarah Post, born 1856; died Unknown.
+ 389 vi. Aaron Thompson Post, born April 15, 1859 in Readington Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; died 1914 in
Flemington, NJ.
288. Garret A.7 Durland (Susanna6 Post, William5, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born
September 27, 1803 in Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ, and died December 24, 1874 in Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ.
He married Gertrude Ann Edwards November 23, 1837 in New Jersey10, daughter of William Edwards and
Catherine Ellison. She was born April 19, 1819 in New Jersey11, and died December 09, 1874 in Harlingen,
Somerset County, NJ11.
Notes for Garret A. Durland:
Listed on the 1860 Somerset County, NJ Federal Census for Hillsborough Twp., page 30 with wife Gitty, and
36 March 24, 2004
children Helena, William, John, Susan, Margaret, Calvin, and mother-in-law 69 year old Catharine Ellison Edwards
Cray (married twice-second husband Christopher Cray).
More About Garret A. Durland:
Baptised: November 27, 1803, Neshanic Reformed Church
Burial: Unknown, Harlingen Reformed Church Cemetery, Belle Mead, NJ
LDS Ances. File #: PM6K-GD
Name Change: Last name spelling has now changed from Dorland to Durland.
Notes for Gertrude Ann Edwards:
Listed on the NJ 1860 Federal Census of Somerset County, Hillsborough Twp., page 30.
Headstone at Harlingen Church Cemetery has name as "Gitty Ann Edwards".
More About Gertrude Ann Edwards:
Burial: Unknown, Harlingen Reformed Church Cemetery, Belle Mead, NJ
Individual Note: Marriage records in Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vols. 1-7 shows name as Gertrude
Edwardson. Name on headstone is Gitty Ann Edwards.
LDS Ances. File #: PM6K-HK
Marriage Notes for Garret Durland and Gertrude Edwards:
Somerset County Historical Quarterly has marriage date as Nov. 26, 1837
More About Garret Durland and Gertrude Edwards:
Marriage: November 23, 1837, New Jersey12
Children of Garret Durland and Gertrude Edwards are:
+ 390 i. Nathaniel McPherson8 Durling, born January 24, 1840 in Hillsborough, NJ; died September 08, 1919 in
Raritan, NJ.
+ 391 ii. Catherine E. Durling, born September 26, 1841 in Hillsborough, New Jersey; died September 04, 1917 in
New Jersey.
+ 392 iii. Mary Hannah Durling, born April 24, 1844 in Hillsborough, NJ; died August 31, 1924 in Princeton, NJ.
393 iv. Abraham G. Durling, born December 14, 1845 in Harlingen, New Jersey; died January 23, 1907 in South
Bound Brook, NJ.
Notes for Abraham G. Durling:
Has 1 of the two headstones in the Durling Family Plot, Bound Brook Cemetery, Bound Brook, NJ.
SOURCE: Records of ggrandniece Jacqueline Wells Lubinski
Abram G. Durling died at the home of his brother, William H. Durling, on Wednesday, aged sixty-one years.
He had been ill about four months with consumption of the bowels. Funeral services will be held to-morrow
afternoon, 2 o'clock at the house and 2:30 at the M. E. Church. Director Edgerton will make the intement in
Bound Brook Cemetery.
SOURCE: Obit from "The Chronicle", Bound Brook, NJ, Friday, January 25, 1907. Copy held by
ggrandniece Jacqueline Wells Lubinski
Note: 1880 Federal Census shows Abraham G. Durling living in Montgomery Township, NJ as a laborer on
the farm of sister Catherine Durling Duffield's brother- in- law George G. Duffield and his wife Anna Eliza
More About Abraham G. Durling:
Burial: Unknown, Durling Family Plot, Bound Brook Cemetery, Bound Brook, NJ
Cause of Death: Tuberculosis
Individual Note: Last name spelling has now changed from Durland to Durling..
LDS Ances. File #: PM6K-M8
Medical Information: Cemetery record card lists cause of death as "Pulmonary Tuberculosis"
Resided: Lived in South Bound Brook, NJ
+ 394 v. Helena D. Durling, born October 19, 1847 in Harlingen, New Jersey; died Unknown.
+ 395 vi. William Henry Durling, Sr., born September 11, 1849 in Harlingen, Somerset Co., NJ; died December 04,
1932 in South Bound Brook, NJ.
+ 396 vii. Susan Ann Durling, born October 18, 1851 in New Jersey; died 1937 in New Jersey.
+ 397 viii. John E. Durling, born March 17, 1854 in Harlingen, New Jersey; died Unknown.
37 March 24, 2004
+ 398 ix. Margaret Elizabeth Durling, born May 04, 1855 in Harlingen, New Jersey; died February 24, 1890.
+ 399 x. Calvin Corle Durling, born July 25, 1857 in Harlingen, New Jersey; died Unknown.
293. Abraham A.7 Durland (Susanna6 Post, William5, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was
born July 15, 1817 in Harlingen, New Jersey, and died Unknown. He married Esther Scudder December 19, 1838
in Hopewell, New Jersey13, daughter of John Scudder and Elizabeth Smith. She was born 1815 in Harlingen, NJ, and
died Unknown.
Notes for Abraham A. Durland:
Listed on the 1880 Federal census for Hopewell, Mercer Co., New Jersey Page 36A, with wife Esther, son Charles,
daughter in law Louisa, and grandson Charles.
More About Abraham A. Durland:
LDS Ances. File #: PM6N-W2
Name Change: Last name spelling changed from Dorland to Durland.
Resided: Hopewell, NJ
More About Esther Scudder:
LDS Ances. File #: PM6N-X7
More About Abraham Durland and Esther Scudder:
Marriage: December 19, 1838, Hopewell, New Jersey13
Children of Abraham Durland and Esther Scudder are:
+ 400 i. Charles Scudder8 Durling, born February 02, 1840 in Harlingen, NJ; died Unknown.
401 ii. Susan Ann Durling13, born March 02, 1842 in Harlingen, New Jersey; died September 07, 1859.
More About Susan Ann Durling:
LDS Ances. File #: PM6P-0J
Name Change: Last name spelling has now changed from Durland to Durling.
Generation No. 7
296. John Schenck8 Manners (Mary7 Schenck, Ida6 Sutphin, Jannetje5 Van Mater, John4 Van Metre, Neeltje3
Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born January 08, 1801 in New Jersey, and died 1857. He married Penelope Stout
1819, daughter of John Stout and Eunice Evans. She was born October 20, 1799 in Amwell Twp., Hunterdon Co.,
NJ, and died 1831.
More About John Manners and Penelope Stout:
Marriage: 1819
Children of John Manners and Penelope Stout are:
+ 402 i. Eunice9 Manners, born 1821 in East Amwell, NJ; died November 1871.
403 ii. Abraham R. Manners, born 1829 in New Jersey; died Unknown.
More About Abraham R. Manners:
Census-Federal: August 29, 1850, East & West Amwell Twps., Hunterdon Co., NJ, visitation # 354
299. David Stout8 Manners (Mary7 Schenck, Ida6 Sutphin, Jannetje5 Van Mater, John4 Van Metre, Neeltje3
Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born January 12, 1808 in East Amwell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ, and died August
19, 1884 in New Jersey. He married Deborah Phillips Johnes 1843 in New York, New York, daughter of David
Johnes and Sophia Creveling. She was born November 25, 1820 in New York, New York, and died November 26,
1876 in New Jersey.
Notes for David Stout Manners:
Mayor of Jersey City May 3, 1852 to May 3, 1857.
38 March 24, 2004
More About David Manners and Deborah Johnes:
Marriage: 1843, New York, New York
Child of David Manners and Deborah Johnes is:
404 i. Virginia9 Manners, born July 27, 1844 in Jersey City, NJ; died Unknown.
300. Jane V.8 Manners (Mary7 Schenck, Ida6 Sutphin, Jannetje5 Van Mater, John4 Van Metre, Neeltje3 Van
Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born September 09, 1818 in Hunterdon Co., NJ, and died February 17, 1888 in
Hunterdon Co., NJ. She married Richard Quick December 17, 1836, son of Ezekiel Quick and Jane Green. He was
born May 04, 1815 in Hunterdon Co., NJ, and died November 27, 1887 in Hunterdon Co., NJ.
More About Richard Quick and Jane Manners:
Marriage: December 17, 1836
Children of Jane Manners and Richard Quick are:
+ 405 i. Ann Augusta9 Quick, born June 25, 1841 in Hunterdon Co., NJ; died July 05, 1889 in Hunterdon Co., NJ.
+ 406 ii. Martha W. Quick, born October 09, 1843 in New Jersey; died September 12, 1927 in New Jersey.
+ 407 iii. John Green Quick, born February 10, 1850 in Wertsville, NJ; died January 09, 1923 in Millstone, NJ.
301. John G.8 Schenck (Gilbert7, Ida6 Sutphin, Jannetje5 Van Mater, John4 Van Metre, Neeltje3 Van Cleef,
Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born January 02, 1823 in Somerset Co., NJ, and died June 08, 1905 in Neshanic, New Jersey.
He married Sarah M. Huff January 05, 1853 in New Jersey, daughter of Tunis Huff and Maria Quick. She was born
June 26, 1831 in Neshanic, New Jersey, and died February 26, 1897 in Neshanic, New Jersey.
More About Sarah M. Huff:
Baptised: June 26, 1831, Neshanic Reformed Church, Neshanic, NJ
More About John Schenck and Sarah Huff:
Marriage: January 05, 1853, New Jersey
Child of John Schenck and Sarah Huff is:
+ 408 i. Louis Huff9 Schenck, born October 25, 1853 in Neshanic, NJ; died November 05, 1933 in Somerville, NJ.
302. Mary Ann8 Hunt (Adah7 Schenck, Ida6 Sutphin, Jannetje5 Van Mater, John4 Van Metre, Neeltje3 Van
Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born October 28, 1831 in Easton, Northhampton Co., PA, and died June 26, 1893. She
married Jacob Rapalje Ludlow November 20, 1850, son of Gabriel Ludlow and Susan Rapalje. He was born
November 22, 1824 in Somerset Co., NJ, and died February 10, 1904 in New Jersey.
More About Jacob Rapalje Ludlow:
Baptised: March 20, 1895, Neshanic Reformed Church, Neshanic, NJ
Burial: Unknown, Neshanic Cemetery, Somerset Co., NJ
Military: Bet. 1861 - 1865, Served as a surgeon in the Army through the Civil War.
Occupation: Doctor
More About Jacob Ludlow and Mary Hunt:
Marriage: November 20, 1850
Children of Mary Hunt and Jacob Ludlow are:
409 i. Clara Southmayd9 Ludlow, born December 26, 1852 in Easton, Northhampton Co., PA; died 1924.
More About Clara Southmayd Ludlow:
Burial: Unknown, Arlington National Cemetery
410 ii. Henry Hunt Ludlow, died Unknown.
411 iii. David Hunt Ludlow, died Unknown.
39 March 24, 2004
303. Benjamin O.8 Fulkerson (John7, John F.6, Folkert5 Fockertsen, Folkert4 Folkertson, Anna3 Van Cleef,
Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born March 14, 1814 in Kentucky, and died Unknown. He married Mary Ann Pirtle. She
died Bef. 1870.
Child of Benjamin Fulkerson and Mary Pirtle is:
+ 412 i. Uriah Pirtle9 Fulkerson, born September 08, 1843 in Leitchfield, Grayson Co., KY; died December 21, 1925.
304. Milton8 Wright (Catherine7 Reeder, Margaret6 Van Cleave, John5, Benjamin4, Isbrant3 Van Cleef, Jan2,
Van Cleef1) was born November 17, 1828 in Indiana, and died April 03, 1917 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. He
married Susan Koerner November 24, 1859 in Union Pike, Indiana. She was born April 30, 1831 in Hillsboro,
Louden, VA, and died July 04, 1889 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio.
More About Milton Wright:
Burial: Unknown, Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio
More About Milton Wright and Susan Koerner:
Marriage: November 24, 1859, Union Pike, Indiana
Children of Milton Wright and Susan Koerner are:
413 i. Wilbur9 Wright, born April 16, 1867 in Millville, Indiana; died May 30, 1912 in Dayton, Montgomery,
Notes for Wilbur Wright:
American aeronautical engineer who worked with his brother, Orville Wright, to build and fly the first
Wilbur, the elder of the two brothers, was born in Millville, Indiana. He was the third of five Wright
children. Their father was a bishop of the United Brethren Church. Wilbur went to high school in Dayton
with his brother Orville. The boys shared an interest in mechanical things and learned as much about
mathematics and engineering as they could. Wilbur left high school before finishing his courses, and neither
brother formally graduated. After leaving school, the brothers made several attempts at editing and printing
small local newspapers. In 1892 they formed the Wright Cycle Company. For the next ten years they
designed, built, and sold bicycles.
The Wright brothers must have been aware of the possibility of powered flight and some of the efforts being
made toward that end. The work of German aeronautical pioneer Otto Lilienthal in the 1890s inspired the
Wrights to pursue their own glider and airplane designs. Lilienthal died in a glider crash in 1896, convincing
Wilbur that the stability of the design and the skill of the pilot were as important as getting an airplane into
the air.
The Wright brothers concentrated on developing techniques to stabilize and provide directional control for
their gliders from 1896 to 1899. In August 1899 they flew a kite with a wingspan of about 1.5 m (5 ft). The
kite incorporated controls that could twist the ends of the wings. This wing-warping technique provided
stability and directional control and was the forerunner of the idea of ailerons. Ailerons are flaps on the
trailing edges of modern airplane wings that move independently of the wings to provide stability and
steering controls. See Airplane: Control Components.
In 1900 the Wrights built a larger kite with a 5-m (17-ft) wingspan that could carry a pilot. They decided to
begin their test flights near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, because the steady winds provided power for their
flights and the sandy banks made crashing safer for machines and pilots. The kite flew well and even carried
Wilbur for a few seconds of piloted flight.
In July 1901 they returned to Kitty Hawk and built a wooden glider that had sledlike runners. They worked
at Kill Devil Hills, where there were large sand dunes over which the runners could glide. Their new
machine was longer than the previous model and its wings were arched differently. It also had a handoperated
elevator—a flap on the horizontal stabilizer on the tail that could control up-and-down movement.
The brothers again achieved encouraging results, particularly after they experimented with other wing arches.
However, there were still problems with stability and control.
During late 1901 and early 1902 the Wrights built a small wind tunnel and tested various wing designs and
wing arches. In the course of these tests, they compiled the first accurate tables of lift and drag, the important
parameters that govern flight and stability. They constructed a new glider with a 10 m (32 ft) wingspan in
40 March 24, 2004
mid-1902. At first the glider had two vertical fins mounted behind the wings. The brothers still found it
difficult to turn with this design, so they transformed the double fin to a single moveable rudder at the rear of
the glider. This configuration proved so successful that they decided to attempt powered flight the following
During late 1902 and early 1903 they searched in vain for a suitable engine for their craft and for knowledge
of propeller design. No existing engines that provided the power required were light enough to be practical
to carry aboard an airplane. They eventually constructed their own 9-kilowatt (12-horsepower) motor and
made their own propeller, which moved air very efficiently. After some initial trouble with the propeller
shafts, the first Wright Biplane took to the air and made a successful flight on December 17, 1903, at Kill
Devil Hills near Kitty Hawk. The airplane had a wingspan of 12 m (40 ft) and weighed 340 kg (750 lb) with
the pilot. The two brothers took turns flying the plane. Wilbur, in the last of the flights, stayed in the air for
59 seconds and traveled 260 m (852 ft) at speeds a little under

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    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 729. Susan12 Dresbaugh (Donna Lee11 Wells, Walter James10, Anna Corle9 Durling, William Henry8, Garret A.7 Durland,... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf Generation No. 11 94 March 24, 2004 673. Albert12 Cowell (Kate A.11 Manners, Oscar F.10, Eunice9, John Schenck8,... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 646. Minerva11 Leone (Cornelia10 Sofield, Martha Ann9 Hall, Helena D.8 Durling, Garret A.7 Durland, Susanna6 Post,... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 576. Clifford10 Sofield, Sr. (Martha Ann9 Hall, Helena D.8 Durling, Garret A.7 Durland, Susanna6 Post, William5,... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf More About Harry Wells and Anna Durling: Marriage: February 19, 1896, The home of father William H. Durling, Sr.,... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 477. Gerret A.9 Quick (Mary Hannah8 Durling, Garret A.7 Durland, Susanna6 Post, William5, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 450. Anna Gertrude9 Voorhees (Christopher Van Arsdale8, Sarah7 Van Arsdale, Christopher6, Catherine5 Brokaw,... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 398. Margaret Elizabeth8 Durling (Garret A.7 Durland, Susanna6 Post, William5, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2,... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 392. Mary Hannah8 Durling (Garret A.7 Durland, Susanna6 Post, William5, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 364. Aletta Ann8 Van Arsdale (Peter C.7, Christopher6, Catherine5 Brokaw, Maritje4 Van Cleef, Benjamin3, Jan2, Van... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 414 ii. Orville Wright, born August 19, 1871 in Dayton, Ohio; died January 30, 1948 in Dayton, Ohio. Notes for... more
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    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 214. Isaac C.7 Van Cleef (Cornelius6, Isaac5, Laurens4, Benjamin3, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born August 16, 1801 in... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 175. John6 Smock (Geertje (Charity)5 Post, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) died 1791 in Piscataway, ... more
      • James Spencer Van Cleefed van put, Wed Dec 9 7:45am
        your web site states "died unknown," James Spencer Van Cleef died in 1901 in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. An avid fly fisherman and early conservationist I have written extensively about Mr. Van Cleef in two... more
        • Hello Ed!............Alanna, Wed Dec 9 8:13pm
          Thanks for popping in with your input. I am going to re-check this. Would you post again with more info about James Spencer? I would be interested in reading up on this. By the way, the person for... more
          • j.s. van cleefed van put, Fri Dec 11 7:09am
            Hi Alanna, What an incredible family! I have a fair amount of information on J.s.v.c., mostly articles he's written for early sporting journals, or papers he read before the American Fisheries... more
            • Hi again Ed!......Alanna, Sat Dec 12 6:43pm
              This is interesting to know that one of Lee Van Cleefs relatives was such a pioneer in basically enviromental preservation. Being Green before Green was cool, so to speak.;) I would like to get a... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 135. Cornelius6 Van Cleef (Isaac5, Laurens4, Benjamin3, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born January 21, 1777 in Millstone,... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 93. Henrietta5 Brokaw (Maritje4 Van Cleef, Benjamin3, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born September 26, 1739, and died... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 58. Marya4 Post (Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born April 1711 in Somerset County, NJ, and died Unknown. ... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf Notes for Aaron Van Cleave: Aaron and his brother Benjamin were in business together in New Brunswick, New Jersey,... more
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