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590. Walter10 Durling (William Henry9, William Henry8, Garret A.7 Durland, Susanna6 Post, William5,
86 March 24, 2004
Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born October 04, 1917 in South Bound Brook,New Jersey, and
died August 19, 1992 in Bryson City, NC. He married Gloria Nardino. She was born July 16, 1925 in New Jersey,
and died August 1994 in Bryson City, NC.
Children of Walter Durling and Gloria Nardino are:
667 i. William H.11 Durling, born Private.
668 ii. Lynn Durling, born Private.
669 iii. Walter Durling, Jr., born Private. He married Catherine Private; born Private.
More About Walter Durling and Catherine:
Private-Begin: Private
670 iv. Adelle Durling, born Private.
671 v. Jack Durling, born Private.
672 vi. Mark Durling, born Private. He married Marianne Private; born Private.
More About Mark Durling and Marianne:
Private-Begin: Private
Generation No. 10
597. Kate A.11 Manners (Oscar F.10, Eunice9, John Schenck8, Mary7 Schenck, Ida6 Sutphin, Jannetje5 Van
Mater, John4 Van Metre, Neeltje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born 1871 in New Jersey, and died Aft. 1930.
She married Frank W. Cowell. He was born Abt. 1872 in New Jersey, and died Unknown.
Children of Kate Manners and Frank Cowell are:
+ 673 i. Albert12 Cowell, born Abt. 1893 in New Jersey; died Unknown.
+ 674 ii. Frank W. Cowell, born Abt. 1895 in New Jersey; died Unknown.
675 iii. Ethel M. Cowell, born Abt. 1905 in New Jersey; died Unknown.
676 iv. Florence C. Cowell, born Private. She married Frank C. Lane Private; died Unknown.
More About Frank Lane and Florence Cowell:
Private-Begin: Private
677 v. George Cowell, born in New Jersey; died Unknown.
604. Frederick Gilkeson11 Manners (James Samuel10, Eunice9, John Schenck8, Mary7 Schenck, Ida6 Sutphin,
Jannetje5 Van Mater, John4 Van Metre, Neeltje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born July 03, 1884 in Trenton,
New Jersey, and died February 21, 1956. He married Sarah Finetta Noble. She was born 1884 in Trenton, New
Jersey, and died December 19, 1931.
Child of Frederick Manners and Sarah Noble is:
+ 678 i. Elmer Noble12 Manners, born September 08, 1906 in Trenton, New Jersey; died December 15, 1958 in
Trenton, New Jersey.
606. James Harrison11 Manners, Sr. (James Samuel10, Eunice9, John Schenck8, Mary7 Schenck, Ida6 Sutphin,
Jannetje5 Van Mater, John4 Van Metre, Neeltje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born February 26, 1889 in New
Jersey, and died May 01, 1983 in Hillsborough Co., Florida. He married Sarah Christian. She was born September
20, 1889, and died January 1985.
Children of James Manners and Sarah Christian are:
+ 679 i. James Harrison12 Manners, Jr., born April 27, 1914 in Trenton, New Jersey; died January 05, 1995.
680 ii. Lillian C. Manners, born March 25, 1911; died February 1995. She married Granville Steele; born May 28,
1909; died December 1975.
607. Evelyn Dallas11 Manners (James Samuel10, Eunice9, John Schenck8, Mary7 Schenck, Ida6 Sutphin,
Jannetje5 Van Mater, John4 Van Metre, Neeltje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born March 06, 1894 in Trenton,
Mercer Co., NJ, and died February 12, 1957 in Trenton, Mercer Co., NJ. She married Peter DeMarco. He was
87 March 24, 2004
born 1882, and died 1946.
More About Evelyn Dallas Manners:
Burial: Unknown, Riverview Cemetery, Trenton, NJ
Child of Evelyn Manners and Peter DeMarco is:
+ 681 i. Wilton Francis12 DeMarco, born Private.
615. Nina Jewell11 Fulkerson (Emmet Lee10, Uriah Pirtle9, Benjamin O.8, John7, John F.6, Folkert5 Fockertsen,
Folkert4 Folkertson, Anna3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born February 24, 1898 in Ohio, and died Unknown.
She married Morgan Jones. He died Unknown.
Child of Nina Fulkerson and Morgan Jones is:
+ 682 i. Mason12 Jones, born Private.
616. Lee11 Van Cleef (Clarence Leroy10, Clarence V.9, Isaac Newton8, John I.7, Isaac6, Isaac5, Laurens4,
Benjamin3, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born January 09, 1925 in Somerville, NJ, and died December 16, 1989 in Oxnard,
California. He married (1) Patsy Ruth Kahle Private. She was born Private. He married (2) Joan Marjorie Miller
1960. She was born August 25, 1929 in Los Angeles, Ca, and died March 21, 1991 in Sepulveda, Ca. He married
(3) Barbara Havelone Private. She was born Private.
Notes for Lee Van Cleef:
Born Clarence Leroy Van Cleef, Jr. on January 9, 1925 to parents of Dutch ancestry, Lee Van Cleef grew up in the
pleasant farm community of Somerville, New Jersey. Coming of age just in time for World War II, he served in the
U.S. Navy aboard a submarine chaser in the Caribbean, then in the Black and China Seas on a mine sweeper. Married
in 1943 to Patsy Ruth, Lee settled down to family life after the war. He and his wife had three children together, one
girl and two boys. He did not start out as an actor to support his family, but worked on farms and other outdoors jobs,
then at a plant as a time study methods and motions analyst as well as dabbling in accounting. After being told so
often that with his unique look he should try acting, he joined a local theater company in Clinton, New Jersey. "I
went out there one night by a friend's invitation and tried out for a part-- and damn if I didn't make it!" His first big
break came in an audition for the touring company of "Mr. Roberts". Of this New York audition Lee said, "The
Director asked me to take off my jacket, then my shirt, then my pants and strut around the stage." Even though there
was a "broad sitting down there next to him," Lee complied and gave what he said was a terrible reading, but the
strapping, muscular young man obviously had what they were looking for, and he was cast. Upon being offered the
job, a very conscientious Van Cleef said he could not take it without giving two weeks notice at the plant where he
worked. It seemed that such a length of time would be impossible for the director, and so he declined taking the role.
Upon returning to work, his boss promptly fired him. He asked Lee, "You want to do this thing, don't you?" To
which Lee replied, "Yes, I do." "OK then, your fired." His performance in Mr. Roberts was seen by Stanley Kramer
which led him to be cast in the classic film High Noon (1952) as the character of Jack Colby. This was not the part he
was originally approached about though. Kramer's first intention was to cast him in the role of Harvey Pell and asked
Lee if he would get his nose fixed for the role. In characteristic fashion, Lee told him over the phone "where he could
go" and thought that was the end of that. But Kramer called him back the next day offering the part of the heavy,
Colby. Even though he had virtually no dialogue, this film did get him noticed and the die was cast. Lee Van Cleef
would be cast in film after film for the next several years primarily in supporting roles as the villain or the brash
young bad guys, primarily in Westerns but also in crime dramas such as The Big Combo (1955).
In 1959, a severe alcohol related car crash nearly cost him his career as a resulting knee injury had doctors telling
him he would never ride a horse again. This injury was to plague him for the rest of his life, causing him great pain.
His recovery was long and arduous and did take him away from acting for a time. He divorced his first wife, and
married again in 1960. During his time away from acting, Lee began a business in interior decoration with wife
Joanie, as well as pursuing his talent for painting, primarily of sea and landscapes. While building a studio off his
house in Granada, Lee cut off the tip of his finger on his right hand. This would later become rather a trademark for
him. He described his down time from acting jobs as unhealthy dry spells. His acting career, it seemed, had run its
course ending with many TV appearances. But there was an opportunity waiting for him that was to change his life.
His hawk nose and slit eyes seemed destined to keep him always in the realm of heavies, but in 1965 Sergio Leone
cast him as the tough but decent Colonel Mortimer
88 March 24, 2004
In 1965, Italian Director Sergio Leone was looking to cast his second so called "Spaghetti Western" after having
much success with his first of such films, "A Fistfull of Dollars" (starring a young Clint Eastwood.) For his second
film entitled "For a Few Dollars More", Leone was looking for an actor to play the co-starring role opposite
Eastwood -- the sophisticated, competent older character of Colonel Douglas Mortimer. Leone wanted to cast Lee
Marvin, but he had just signed for the film Cat Ballou. So Leone came to Los Angeles to search for another actor. He
came across Lee's picture and called his agent who didn't know what he was doing at the moment, since he had been
out of the business for quite some time. Lee was contacted, and went for the interview. By now, he knew how to sell
himself. Coming prepared in a black overcoat and boots, Leone took one look at his silhouette in the doorway and
knew he had his man. Lee was offered the film right there, with a salary of $17,000. Once again, a conscientious Van
Cleef could not take it unless his current client, whose house he was in the middle of designing, was paid back. So
Leone came up with another $5,000 to pay him off.
Lee was off to location in a place halfway around the world called Almeria, Spain. The Spanish village and
surrounding countryside had an uncanny resemblance to Texas and a small Mexican border town. As men are apt to
do, an argument broke out between Eastwood and Van Cleef as to who was the faster draw. Lee won the argument,
being clocked by frames on the film reel. In 1966, Lee was again to be cast with Eastwood in Sergio's next film, The
Good, the Bad and the Ugly. This role was completely different from the good guy of Colonel Mortimer, and it is a
credit to Van Cleef's abilities as an actor as it is sometimes hard to believe they are played by the same man. During
this film it was actually Eastwood who dubbed him Angel Eyes. This goes down in history as one of the screen's
greatest villainous roles.
Lee Van Cleef went on to starring roles with salaries to match in many Euro-Westerns during the late 60's and on into
the '70's when the genre started to fade. During this time he became one of the top ten biggest box office draws in
Europe. He purchased a home in Rome, and gave one of his few television interviews for Spanish television after
purchasing a cattle ranch in that country. The days of the Spaghetti Western may then have begun to fade, but Lee's
career did not. The genre took a strange turn in the mid-seventies, combining with a new and upcoming genre, the
martial arts action films. Lee appeared in one of these combos, The Stranger and the Gunfighter in 1974. He thus
began a new phase of his life, marrying for a third time to wife Barbara Havalone, and relocating to Oxnard,
California. For the remainder of his career, he played in many action/adventure films, such as, The Octagon and
Escape From New York. In 1984 he had the lead in a short lived television series called "The Master", playing an
American Ninja now in the United States searching for his long lost daughter.
Lee Van Cleef worked up until his failing health took his life on December 14, 1989 at the age of 64. He collapsed in
his home from a heart attack. His wife Barbara called paramedics but they were unable to revive him. He was buried
at Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills. After a career that spanned four decades, Lee Van Cleef has given us a
tremendous body of work to remember him by. He was a hero to many, allowing them to live vicariously through him
as his calm and cool demeanor exuded confidence and strength on screen. He appealed to that bit of villain in all of
us. When once asked if he liked playing the bad guy, Lee replied, "Sure, those characters have a lot of depth." He
may have been drawn into playing them by his intense eyes and sharp features, but he honed his skill to a finely tuned
More About Lee Van Cleef:
Baptised: June 13, 1926, South Branch Reformed Church, South Branch, NJ
Burial: Unknown, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, CA
Occupation: Actor
More About Lee Van Cleef and Patsy Kahle:
Private-Begin: Private
More About Lee Van Cleef and Joan Miller:
Marriage: 1960
More About Lee Van Cleef and Barbara Havelone:
Private-Begin: Private
Children of Lee Van Cleef and Patsy Kahle are:
683 i. David12 Van Cleef, born Private.
684 ii. Alan Van Cleef, born Private.
685 iii. Deborah Van Cleef, born Private.
89 March 24, 2004
Child of Lee Van Cleef and Joan Miller is:
686 i. Denise12 Van Cleef, born Private.
617. Stephen Humphrey11 Bogart (Humphrey DeForest10, Belmont DeForest9, Adam Welty8, Peter Brokaw7,
Mary6 Brokaw, John5, Maritje4 Van Cleef, Benjamin3, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born Private. He married Barbara
Unknown Private. She was born Private.
More About Stephen Bogart and Barbara Unknown:
Private-Begin: Private
Child of Stephen Bogart and Barbara Unknown is:
687 i. Richard12 Bogart, born Private.
622. Williard Garfield11 Mizner, Sr. (Archie Skillman10, Anna Gertrude9 Duffield, Catherine E.8 Durling,
Garret A.7 Durland, Susanna6 Post, William5, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born January 28,
1911 in Germantown, Philadelphia, PA, and died September 11, 1974 in Boyertown, Berks Co., PA. He married
Mary Selena Augusta Watson December 13, 1930 in Philadelphia, PA, daughter of Arthur Watson and Emma
Peterson. She was born August 06, 1912, and died April 07, 1970.
More About Williard Mizner and Mary Watson:
Marriage: December 13, 1930, Philadelphia, PA
Children of Williard Mizner and Mary Watson are:
688 i. Willard Garfield12 Mizner, Jr., born Private.
+ 689 ii. Arthur Craig Mizner, born Private.
624. Beatrice11 Duffield (James Nathaniel10, Nathaniel D.9, Catherine E.8 Durling, Garret A.7 Durland,
Susanna6 Post, William5, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born Private. She married William
Paul Werner52 Private, son of Willy Werner and Anna Klewer. He was born June 07, 1909 in Germany, and died
March 11, 1995 in Northridge, Los Angeles Co., CA.
More About William Werner and Beatrice Duffield:
Private-Begin: Private
Children of Beatrice Duffield and William Werner are:
+ 690 i. William Peter12 Werner, born March 04, 1944 in Mineola, Long Island, NY; died December 15, 1994 in
Northridge, CA.
691 ii. Craig Werner, born Private.
692 iii. Kathy Werner, born Private.
625. Dorothy L.11 Duffield (James Nathaniel10, Nathaniel D.9, Catherine E.8 Durling, Garret A.7 Durland,
Susanna6 Post, William5, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born Private. She married Spencer
C. Smith Private. He was born December 10, 1918, and died February 1979.
More About Spencer Smith and Dorothy Duffield:
Private-Begin: Private
Children of Dorothy Duffield and Spencer Smith are:
+ 693 i. Janet E.12 Smith, born Private.
+ 694 ii. Richard Charles Smith, born Private.
+ 695 iii. Carol Nina Smith, born Private.
+ 696 iv. Lynn Phobe Smith, born Private.
628. William Vernon11 Parke, Jr. (Myrtle M.10 Quick, Gerret A.9, Mary Hannah8 Durling, Garret A.7 Durland,
90 March 24, 2004
Susanna6 Post, William5, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born March 22, 1918 in Trenton, NJ,
and died November 19, 1993. He married Ruby Theodora Guishard February 28, 1946 in Lincoln, NE. She was
born November 05, 1913 in Blackduck, MN, and died April 17, 1998 in Niles, Michigan.
Notes for William Vernon Parke, Jr.:
SOURCE: A Genealogy of the Quick Family in America (1625-1942) 317 years, by Arthur Craig Quick
More About Ruby Theodora Guishard:
Burial: Unknown, North Liberty, Indiana
More About William Parke and Ruby Guishard:
Marriage: February 28, 1946, Lincoln, NE
Child of William Parke and Ruby Guishard is:
+ 697 i. Roy Benjamin12 Parke, born Private.

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    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 392. Mary Hannah8 Durling (Garret A.7 Durland, Susanna6 Post, William5, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van... more
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    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 175. John6 Smock (Geertje (Charity)5 Post, Johannes4, Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) died 1791 in Piscataway, ... more
      • James Spencer Van Cleefed van put, Wed Dec 9 7:45am
        your web site states "died unknown," James Spencer Van Cleef died in 1901 in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. An avid fly fisherman and early conservationist I have written extensively about Mr. Van Cleef in two... more
        • Hello Ed!............Alanna, Wed Dec 9 8:13pm
          Thanks for popping in with your input. I am going to re-check this. Would you post again with more info about James Spencer? I would be interested in reading up on this. By the way, the person for... more
          • j.s. van cleefed van put, Fri Dec 11 7:09am
            Hi Alanna, What an incredible family! I have a fair amount of information on J.s.v.c., mostly articles he's written for early sporting journals, or papers he read before the American Fisheries... more
            • Hi again Ed!......Alanna, Sat Dec 12 6:43pm
              This is interesting to know that one of Lee Van Cleefs relatives was such a pioneer in basically enviromental preservation. Being Green before Green was cool, so to speak.;) I would like to get a... more
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    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 93. Henrietta5 Brokaw (Maritje4 Van Cleef, Benjamin3, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born September 26, 1739, and died... more
    • http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/u/b/Jacqueline--Lubinski/PDFGENE5.pdf 58. Marya4 Post (Maritje3 Van Cleef, Jan2, Van Cleef1) was born April 1711 in Somerset County, NJ, and died Unknown. ... more
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