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bob lackey
hey DCG
Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:03pm

It's been years since I read that interview I told you about that Dick Boone did on God's Gun. God's Gun was suppose to come out as a double feature with Kid Vengence but Boone absolutely trashed the movie in one of the trade mags and it was pulled and finally released the next year in a limited way at the drive-inns. It played in the town I was living then (1978) for three nights at the drive in with another western called "A Town Called Hell".

Thanks for posting this. In my mind, the completely proves the interview I read now over 30 years ago was really Boone and the truth. He said the movie God's Gun was the wrose movie he had ever been involved with and it was just pure trash and not worth anybody seeing. That he hoped it was never finished and never comes out. That he walked off the set and quit and told the producer and director they were idots and to take him to court if they dare. That he would not finish his scenes left in the script.

I was shocked and was actually really looking forward to the film. I thought with Richard Boone and Jack Palance in the cast and the same director who did Sabata that the film may be the best non Leone SW type film LVC had ever done.

When I finally saw it I was expecting Boone's role to be limited due to the interview, but was hoping the film would still be decent. Even when Lee as the priest talked and I realised that it wasn't Lee's voice, I figured when Lee's other character talked it WOULD be Lee's voice. Then when it was the same dubbing actor doing Lee's voice I was stunned. And the voice over artist doing Boone doesn't even come close to Boone's fine voice. Palance over acted but it does sound like his voice. I watched the movie to the end and even bought a DVD copy later but without a doubt God's Gun is the worse movie to star LVC. On a one to five star rating, I would give it 1/2 star.

Now to the question. Lee Van Cleef said in his New York interview for El Condor that most of the European movies he was doing now, but not El Condor, were shot without sound because of the international cast. And the he (LVC) felt it was important for him to make himself available for the English dubbing because people in English speaking countries know his voice and it would hurt the movie not to hear his own voice. But Lee didn't do his voice for God's Gun. LVC violated his own policy on that. Why?

I think it is because of his buddy Richard Boone's reaction to the film. Lee stayed with the film until filming was complete but then clearly refused to have anymore to do with it. Also Lee never again did a SW type film but did do more non-western films in Europe that were without sound and he dubbed all of those. Boone and maybe Lee's disappointment with the film was why. Do you or anyone agree?

And does anybody have a problem with Richard Boone walking off the set and refusing to finished his part in the film?

And I bet Richard Boone didn't refuse to do the English dub. I bet under the circumstances, they didn't even ask Richard Boone. They knew better. But I also bet they were taking back when Lee refused to do his voice for the English version.

  • LVC bits from BOONE bioDCG, Thu Sep 10 7:31pm
    RICHARD BOONE: A Knight without Armor in a Savage Land (David Rothel) Empire Publishing, 2000 (hc), 2001 (trp). HAVE GUN - WILL TRAVEL 1962-63 Season p. 235 - 236 "The Treasure" (December 29, 1962)... more
    • thx for posting this DSG and Bob also!Valerie, Sat Sep 12 3:00pm
      I've "saved" both posting even if possible duplicates, my "favorites" aren't organized but at least the info is THERE so DSG while I have no doubts about your organizational abilities if you ever are ... more
    • hey DCG — bob lackey, Fri Sep 11 6:03pm
      • Boone headedDCG, Sun Sep 13 3:19pm
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      • I whole heartedly agree with ya Bob!.....Alanna, Sat Sep 12 12:18pm
        I've seen this movie and I have to admit that it has to be THE worst LVC flick. I was surprised to read that Boone walked out in the middle of the production but, now that I think of it, with the... more
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