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thx for posting this DSG and Bob also!
Sat Sep 12, 2009 3:00pm

I've "saved" both posting even if possible duplicates, my "favorites" aren't organized but at least the info is THERE so DSG while I have no doubts about your organizational abilities if you ever are "missing" references, info just wanted to put it out there to ya that I'm your unofficial archivist (is thatta word?) ! I'm indulging this weekend and have a few never before seen (by MOI) LVC movies to watch, THX (did I say thx already LOL!)

  • LVC bits from BOONE bioDCG, Thu Sep 10 7:31pm
    RICHARD BOONE: A Knight without Armor in a Savage Land (David Rothel) Empire Publishing, 2000 (hc), 2001 (trp). HAVE GUN - WILL TRAVEL 1962-63 Season p. 235 - 236 "The Treasure" (December 29, 1962)... more
    • thx for posting this DSG and Bob also! — Valerie, Sat Sep 12 3:00pm
    • hey DCGbob lackey, Fri Sep 11 6:03pm
      It's been years since I read that interview I told you about that Dick Boone did on God's Gun. God's Gun was suppose to come out as a double feature with Kid Vengence but Boone absolutely trashed the ... more
      • Boone headedDCG, Sun Sep 13 3:19pm
        Brief reply here at the Lib, bobL: Thanx for another run-down of that Boone int text, and the TV spots -- I'm sure I'll dig 'em up, eventually. With limited alternative POVs (eg: those who were there ... more
      • I whole heartedly agree with ya Bob!.....Alanna, Sat Sep 12 12:18pm
        I've seen this movie and I have to admit that it has to be THE worst LVC flick. I was surprised to read that Boone walked out in the middle of the production but, now that I think of it, with the... more
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