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Boone headed
Sun Sep 13, 2009 3:19pm

Brief reply here at the Lib, bobL:

Thanx for another run-down of that Boone int text, and the TV spots -- I'm sure I'll dig 'em up, eventually.

With limited alternative POVs (eg: those who were there during GG's filming), your theory, bobL (as to why LVC didn't dub his own voice), is still the best idea to come along. ;) It's difficult for me to agree completely, as I have so little material to base an opinion upon... But keep 'em comin', bobL! Your thoughts are always intereting.

As to having "a problem with Richard Boone walking off the set and refusing to finished his part in the film" -- well, I respect Boone for stickin' to his guns, but one does have to look at some of his decisions as truly Self-Destructive, at least as far as his career goes.

But my biggest surprise was the dearth of info connecting LVC to Boone as at least Good Friends. Nada. Zilch.

Rothel either missed this completely, or edited such bits out of the final draught.

Or, of course, Lee thought more of Boone than Boone tho't of Lee.


  • hey DCGbob lackey, Fri Sep 11 6:03pm
    It's been years since I read that interview I told you about that Dick Boone did on God's Gun. God's Gun was suppose to come out as a double feature with Kid Vengence but Boone absolutely trashed the ... more
    • Boone headed — DCG, Sun Sep 13 3:19pm
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