Hi again Ed!......
Sat Dec 12, 2009 6:43pm

This is interesting to know that one of Lee Van Cleefs relatives was such a pioneer in basically enviromental preservation. Being Green before Green was cool, so to speak.;)
I would like to get a copy of a more detailed biography on James Spencer his obituary and some of his articles.
The gang here should find this interesting since it seems that James Spencer's more famous cousin Lee also was an avid outdoorsman.
I don't know if you knew or noticed but, another relative in the Van Cleef family was actor Humphrey Bogart.
Bogie was also known for his love of the outdoors especially sailing.
Coincidence or family trait? Who knows!

Just click on my name in the "author" box and my e-mail address will show for you. I'd greatly appreciate anything you can send Ed. Thanks very much for your time and energy.

  • j.s. van cleefed van put, Fri Dec 11 7:09am
    Hi Alanna, What an incredible family! I have a fair amount of information on J.s.v.c., mostly articles he's written for early sporting journals, or papers he read before the American Fisheries... more
    • Hi again Ed!...... — Alanna, Sat Dec 12 6:43pm
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