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kelly. alan van cleef
Tue Jun 1, 2010 6:02pm

Kel. Years ago when Alan Van Cleef was posting here he told us about getting the call from Lee's wife early in the morning that his father had died. And he flew out to LA for the funeral. He said nothing about a military type funeral. But that doesn't mean for sure there was NO aspect for it that wasn't military. Alan Van Cleef did say Clint Eastwood came to the funeral and Rance Howard (Ron Howard's father) spoke at the funeral as did actor Rory Calhoune. Actor Harry Carey, a close friend of John Wayne was there too. Lee closest "actor" friend Jock Mahoney had just died himself so of course he wasn't there.

As a matter of fact, Alan Van Cleef agreed that the stress of finding out about the serious throat cancer just recently and then Lee's wife said Lee was watching the news on television and learned that his close friend Jock Mahoney had just died, probably contributed to Lee having his fatal heart attack later that very night. Jock Mahoney died of a stroke the day before (Dec. 14th 1989). I think he was in the hospital in Seattle, Washington when he died. Lee saw it on the news the night of the 15th and died later THAT night. But Lee was pronounced dead just after midnight so they dated his death December 16th, 1989 which sounds like two days after Jock Mahoney died but it was kinda one day later. Lee was of course 64 and Jock was 74 I believe.

As best as I can figure, Jock Mahoney and Lee Van Cleef met in late 1951 or very early 1952 on the set of Jock's TV series "Range Rider" I've read and was told by Stephen Boyd that Lee and Jock hit if off right off the bat and became very good friends the first day and remained very close friends the rest of their lives. Jock Mahoney was in one of the episodes of Lee's TV series The Master in 1984. Don't you just know Lee had something to do with Jock Mahoney being on that show.

  • Hey i have a question..Kelly, Tue Jun 1 4:18pm
    what type of ceremony did Lee receive at his funeral ? Did they do it military style, with firing the guns and playing taps? Anyone know?
    • kelly. alan van cleef — boblackey, Tue Jun 1 6:02pm
      • remember Lee in Apple ValleyGeorge Struebing, Sat Mar 17 9:10am
        Alan if you get this I sure hope you remember back in the days of Apple Valley about 1960. My name is George Struebing and my brother is Dean. Recently, we have had fun watching some of the old... more
        • Nice of you to post and welcome to the board. I think Alan posted her several years ago but seems to have ceased according to one of our members. Now if Alan still checks in on occasion that is not... more
      • That's sad...Kelly, Wed Jun 2 5:57am
        Lee definately had a very bad day.
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