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dustin nelson
Re: Pic of Mara Krupp in Bed with Manco
Sat Mar 3, 2012 3:04am

Where did you get this. I did not see this in my movie on dvd.

  • Pic of Mara Krupp in Bed with MancoKathy, Tue Feb 9 12:23pm
    • Re: Pic of Mara Krupp in Bed with Manco — dustin nelson , Sat Mar 3 3:04am
      • It's not in the movie dustin.bobO, Sat Mar 3 7:57am
        I had read about the scene years ago but for some reason, Sergio Leone decided NOT to use it. Leone decided NOT to make it CLEAR the hotel owner's wife slipped up to Clint's room & gave him some good ... more
      • Try this link--it's SAFEYBP, Sat Mar 3 4:39am;_ylu=X3oDMTBpcGszamw0BHNlYwNmcC1pbWcEc2xrA2ltZw--/SIG=13memu9kr/EXP=1330806852/**http%3a// more
    • Okay, there is a pic of him and herSue, Tue Feb 9 12:46pm
      inside my Laser Disc copy of GBU.. but I could not remember the scene... Thanks..
      • sue. the picture kathy posted bob lackey, Tue Feb 9 1:09pm
        is not the Good, Bad and Ugly sex scene incase you don't already know. The picture Kathy posted is the hotel clerk with the red hair who has the husband who ownes the hotel in For A Few Dollars More. ... more
        • It's true, we'll never know....WN5, Sat Mar 3 8:23am
          but if I were to guess, Bob, I'd say that unless the relationship between Clint and the lady is important to the story, that footage was cut as being extraneous, or maybe even distracting. It seems... more
        • Yes, Bob.. I know the hotel lady is FFDMSue, Thu Feb 11 9:13am
          My pic I was writing about is in the inside cover of my GBU Laser Disc folder.. maybe I can get a scan of it.
          • are interrupting the sequence of conversation... I try to make my answers or comments appear BELOW the last comment, or at least just under what I am trying to comment on.. but .. it still gets hard... more
    • see what I mean Kathy? bob lackey, Tue Feb 9 12:41pm
      Couldn't be more cut for them to still be IN something. You know if Leone would have left that scene in the film, the film would of had a completely different feel (no pun intended) to it that would... more
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