Sat Oct 6, 2012 3:29pm

HI everybody! I'm from Oklahoma but I live in TEXAS now!! Oh I hear y'all's is lookin' fer some mighty fine Lee Van Cleef t-shirts. Well shucks folks that's me; I'm the one with the best darn tootin' LVC t-shirt ever!
Gosh I just ain't got now photos of them now....nor looking around here...spootifying
an easy want to put up a photo here. Has this process improved? Yiikes I remember when I wanted to post up a photo of Lee I had to use a recipe that I kept taped to my monitor.
Well I'm gonna go looking for how to get some photos - I still have lots of them in a box and even some copies of some movies - gee, I had forgotten all this. Nice to read your posts. I'll be back with a photo if I can and a quick inventory.
Thanks for remembering me and you know a photo is worth a thousand words but
wearing Lee VAn Cleef t-shirt that says THE BAD and his name on it with that glance is well is just sooooooo sooooooo NOPE can't think of the word. ...
Back later.....you guys just made my weekend.

    • jil's LVC shirt (picture, info)DCG, Sun Oct 7 1:59pm
      Jil sent a reply to my email about the time she jumped back in, here (I don't often toot my own horn, but I'll take credit for bringin' jil back to the board --- I dug up and wrote to her old email,... more
      • Lee Van Cleef T-shirtWilliam McFarland, Fri Mar 22 8:45am
        Sir: Obviously, Lee Van Cleef is the ultimate "bad ass" so I just have to order two (2) of your t-shirts. I would like one (1) shirt to be XXL and the 2nd one to be XL. I can either send you cash,... more
      • *Lee Van Cleef Shirt* PLEASE...stringbender5, Tue Jan 30 6:50pm
        Hello and good evening. Are these shirts still available for purchase? I would like two (2) in a Large if possible. The search for the perfect Lee Van Cleef shirt.. and quality shirt led me here.... more
        • "Welcome!" String...DCG, Wed Jan 31 3:36pm
          ...hope you'll stick around the corral, amigo/a --- we're a very friendly bunch, and always enjoy an infusion of Fresh Blood to our li'l fan group, here. ;) As you can see by the dates, this is a... more
          • Thank you for the replystringbender5, Thu Feb 1 3:32am
            Absolutely! I would love to be a part of the community here... Thank you for the quick reply. it would be great if I could still nab a couple of this shirts. Please keep in touch.. Best, String.
            • Here's what they looked like, String...DCG, Thu Feb 1 12:16pm
              ...I knew there was a picture out there, SOMEwhere, an' it turned out that I'd linked to the pictures she took in a Post right here on the board! ;) Click on this, and you'll see images of the shirt: ... more
              • Yes !!stringbender5, Thu Feb 1 3:14pm
                That is the shirt all right!! Awesome.. appreciate you sending the link. Please let me know. Thanks again. ~String.
    • It's such a trill to see jil!!..back!bobOh, Sun Oct 7 5:58am
      Hope you are well my T-Shirt lady! So you're from OK too! You and Alanna have three things I know in common! Lee, OK and both are pretty ladies! How do you like Texas? I remember driving across Texas ... more
    • WONDERFUL TO HEAR FROM YOU JIL :-)Valerie, Sat Oct 6 9:27pm
      I want to order some Tshirts! I don't even need to see a picture! Please click on my name above to email me about getting an order going ok? I have an email address for you that I want to ask if it... more
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