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Yoohoo! Where are you???
Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:04am

So, I was wondering where everyone hails from.

I'm in Canada, far, far on the East coast in a province called New Brunswick.

Where are you from?

If you don't want to say, that's fine, but at lesst mentio a continent or something, yeesh!

    • Left Coast, USA (nm)DCG, Sun Oct 16 12:09am
    • Spoilled in Virginia.bob o, Sat Oct 15 6:49pm
      I live in Virginia down near the river. Sometimes I see some good ideas float by. But the rail tracks next to the river just have long coal trains rumbling by all the time and I thought there was a... more
    • Re: Yoohoo! Where are you???Sue Goff, Sat Oct 15 4:43pm
      I live on the south east coast of England.
      • I'll 2nd that, Sue G...DCG, Sun Oct 16 5:55pm
        ...WELCOME! I suspect you've been "lurking" long enough to get a handle on us all, here at the TBn you know we love to add new members to our "family". ;) If you're willin', go ahead and... more
      • Greetings Sue! ;) (nm)Ioana, Sun Oct 16 6:22am
    • I'm from Germany (nm)Heiko, Fri Oct 14 1:39pm
    • I live in Philadelphia ...Doc, Wed Oct 12 9:29pm
      ... but I'll always regard myself as a displaced New Yorker, lol.
      • At homeCuffs, Sun Oct 16 7:15am
        I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our family has often visited Quebec and my daughter & her husband have a summer home in Canada. My daughters & I love the Thousand Islands area and upstate New... more
    • Heeey Meari! :)Ioana, Wed Oct 12 11:53am
      You know, maybe, I'm in Romania! 💜 xoxo 😙
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