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Burchfield's Part 2
Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:12am

I purchased Filmfax magazine for Tom Birchfield's second installment on Lee's career. Very enjoyable, well written and loaded with information. I do agree with Mr. Burchfield that Lee could have immensely benefitted from some classical training as did Alan Rickman. Lee had the intelligence & concentration to spread his creative wings in more demanding roles. Too bad, but at least as Tom put it, Lee didn't die a poor man and lives on as a western legend. Thanks, DCG for the heads up.

    • Thanks Everyone!Thomas Burchfield, Fri Dec 23 10:56am
      I just got my copies the other day, so thanks for beating me to it. I'm glad y'all liked it. In the end, Lee Van Cleef's career was what it was. I also thought it would be an interesting portrait of... more
      • Re: Thanks Everyone!Bob o, Sun Dec 25 9:06am
        Merry Christmas and nice job. I wrote a long positive reply and my personal take on Lee's career but it won't post on this phone so screw it. Maybe I'll try it again later.
        • Merry Xmas 2all....DCG, Sun Dec 25 9:00pm
' to all a Good Nite!! ;P An' great to see ya, BobO!!! Sorry to hear of your (inferred) Technical Difficulties....hope they're Resolved soon, so you can rejoin our ranks... You are sorely... more
      • Same to you, amigo...DCG, Sun Dec 25 12:13am
        ...and I'll be sending you an email about some questions I have as to your experience with FILMFAX, etc, etc. I tossed my copy in the backpack and have been reading it on the buses of late (my major... more
      • To Thom and all my other dear LVC-itesDoc, Sat Dec 24 7:55am
        I wish you all a wonderful New Year filled with good health and happiness!! -- doc
    • I thought about this before...Doc, Thu Dec 15 10:46pm
      I came to the conclusion that the level of stardom that Lee achieved was pretty much where he wanted it to be. Stanley Kramer once suggested he have his nose "fixed" so that he could get leading... more
      • ThanksCuffs, Sun Dec 18 2:42pm
        I've often wondered why Lee stayed in Italian westerns for so long. I read were he said he was having a good time. I doubt whether that would have been the situation in Hollywood. A place where... more
        • "content" is the perfect word.Doc, Sun Dec 18 11:21pm
          Cuffs, have you ever seen the movie "The Oscar"? If not, you should. It depicts the underbelly of Hollywood in a very dark way as it follows the thoughts and actions of the film's protagonist. Some... more
    • Sure thing, Cuffs...DCG, Sun Dec 11 8:50pm
      ...I've yet to obtain my copy of "Part 2", myself, but look FW to it. ;) Thanks (in advance), Tom, for puttin' this thing together! Bestest, DCG.
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