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Happy New (BANJO) Year!!
Sun Jan 1, 2017 12:25am

Y'all prolly know these, but if not...

Been doin' more Banjo research and found:


...and, finally, as a Bonus (technically, not LVC-related, save thru Morricone)...

"Happy, Happy!!" to all my Van Cleef compadres!!

    • Good stuffCuffs, Mon Jan 2 3:02pm
      Thanks for the banjo links--very enjoyable. Happy New Year to all! Looking forward to all the good stuff in the new year. Aaron has been a prince with his postings. Also it's great to share all the... more
      • Same to you, amiga...! ;)DCG, Tue Jan 10 9:11pm
        I always flinch a bit at sharing my Banjo interest, as it's one of those instruments that people usually either Love or Hate. Rarely any "in-between" opinions... ;P But we're a Family here, and... more
        • Just to avoid misunderstandings...Maggie, Wed Jan 11 12:38am
          My answering post didn't mean that I don't like Banjos, I do! I even had a short spell of listening to Bluegrass music, I always was fascinated with the break-neck - or rather break-finger - pace... more
    • And for those who like to harp on the same theme but wish for a little more drive: Maggie :)
    • Right back at cha!Doc, Sun Jan 1 9:07pm
      And a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all my BadBuds! -- doc
    • Yes, my friend! ❤Ioana, Sun Jan 1 3:10am
      VERY HAPPY, M'DEAR! Same to you! I want to thank you for everything, you've been there when I needed you! And another year together! 🎀 Thank you again for the links. I'll watch them. All the... more
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