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Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:21am

My little tribute to our LVC is here:

Enjoy! I'm glad that you missed me and my videos, Doc!
xoxo 💜

    • Nicely done, Ioana! ;)DCG, Sat Jan 21 10:26am
      LOL @ your little msg at the end, because as I watched I was wondering how you chose the Order of the images/films! ;) Also, on a Technical issue: why are the images so small? Seems like you could... more
      • Hey, DCG! ☺ I know why I did that. I have an application, VivaVideo, which is very idiot. If I wouldn't let small pictures, images wouldn't be seen completely! You understand? That's why I did... more
        • Sure, Ioana...DCG, Mon Jan 23 9:00pm
          ...that's what I thought (and said, in my post). ;) Afraid I don't have a Video Editing program to recommend, just now... But don't that stop you from continuing your LVC-tributes, eh? ;P Bestest,... more
    • Check my YouTube channel!ATL Kathy, Sun Jan 15 6:44am
      Lovely job, Ioana! Always a nice way to start the day, seeing LVC's handsome face.
      • Thank you so much, Kathy! 💓Ioana, Sun Jan 15 9:34am
        I agree with you. And I'm very glad that I am the person who make you the start the day so. It's very good to hear that my LVC family appreciate my work. xoxo 🌠
    • Oh my dear Cowgirl ....Doc, Sat Jan 14 10:37pm
      Pur si simplu frumos!! O capodoperă vizuală !! xxx ooo
      • Thank you, Doc, but... 😆Ioana, Sat Jan 14 11:50pm
        I have a serious problem or you just write the reply at my article in my language, romanian? Or maybe Google Chrome translate your answer for me? I'm a bit worried. xoxo 😨💋
        • Yes, it is Romanian :)Doc, Sun Jan 15 9:05pm
          I responded in your native language as a show of respect. I used Google Translate, so hopefully it came out to be accurate? I think you will let me know. xoxo
          • Yea! 🙉Ioana, Sun Jan 15 9:18pm
            Yes, my dear! It was very fair! What a nice gesture on your part. Thank you! I think you're the first to do such a thing to me. 😍 Thanx again! xoxo 💕
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