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Just say...
Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:22pm

...happy birthday!
One year ago, on 25 January, Lee Van Cleef has appeared for the first time in my life. 😍

And today, it turns one year since I love and appreciate him so much. 💎

I'm so sorry if I post too often on this blog and I give you too much details of my life. But you are my LVC family. 💫

So say "Happy Birthday" to us!

xoxo 💓

    • Re: Just say...Bob O, Sat Jan 28 2:00am
      I'm happy you found LVC one year ago and he means so much to you. I'm sure Lee is happy about that too. I watched the syndicated western line up on a local TV station every Saturday morning. Lone... more
      • Re: Just say...Bob O, Sat Jan 28 2:02am
        This was in the 1950s. Also watched Space Patrol in the afternoon after school. Got my folks to take me to the drive inn in 1956 to see It Conquered The World. This was my firstLVC film.
        • Wow! 😻Ioana, Sat Jan 28 4:56am
          How cute, Bob O! And I'm very glad that you are back here! At least, I missed you. 💕 My first movie was Beyond the Law, and God! That movie made my heart beat faster! 😙 xoxo 💎
    • 2much is not enuff...DCG, Fri Jan 27 1:19am I'm sure you know by now, Ioana. ;) I'm still trying to figure out exactly WHY our li'l "family" (as you rightly put it, as have I, over the decades I've been here) has Dwindled. But I can say, ... more
      • M'dear... 💖Ioana, Sat Jan 28 4:53am
        DCG, thank you! You made me feel very proud about the fact that I gave this name to us: "LVC family". It's true, you really are for me like a family! And even if I'm little at age than you, even if... more
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