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Allow me to introduce myself.
Fri Jan 27, 2017 11:49am

Hello all, I just stumbled across this wonderful site/board looking for info on LVC. A month ago I had never heard of the man, but my Mom and several friends kept commenting that my boyfriend's features reminded them of LVC ( I guess I could say now there are strong similarities to how LVC looked in Sabata). Curiosity got the best of me, and I borrowed my Mom's copy of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Since then, I've seen a good portion of his films and TV appearances, and i'm embarrassed it has taken me this long to find and appreciate his talent. I also find it fascinating that someone who suffered the injuries he did in the Lone Pine car accident rebounded with such agility and grace on a horse!

Glad to be on board, I have a few questions, but I'll try to check if they've already been answered in previous posts, particularly gunwork.

    • Welcome Britzen!ATL Kathy, Sat Jan 28 9:31am
      Welcome to our "little family". I know you will enjoy your time spent here, and like Doc says, you've got all the Bad Babes drooling, over the thought of a LVC look-alike, out there. You lucky girl!... more
    • Yes, "Welcome, britzen!" ;)DCG, Sat Jan 28 8:20am
      You'll find lots of material -- some factual, some opinion, and a fair amount of fawning over our subject at hand -- in the archived Posts, here. (Speaking of Facts: one huge Lie -- vs. "Alternative... more
      • Heterochromia iridum (example)DCG, Sat Jan 28 8:29am
        Forgot to include this image link in my notes, above... From my research, the below example seems to be the closest to the color of Lee's eyes in later years. I note the "later years" issue because... more
        • Re: Heterochromia iridum (example)Anonymous, Sat Jan 28 12:40pm
          I wondered about that, Perhaps there was an injury that could have slightly enlarged the pupil (e.g. David Bowie, who truly looked like he had mismatched eyes, one pupil looks twice the diameter as... more
          • Not offended at all.Britzen, Sun Jan 29 7:05am
            I went back and read my comment, I didn't state there actually was an injury, nor that LVC had two-toned eyes. This was a topic you brought up in regards to researching facts. I stated PERHAPS, being ... more
            • Thanx, Britz....DCG, Sun Jan 29 9:25pm
     you'll find, as you dig thru the Archives (and/or just look at my Posts in the future), my personal Writing Style often goes spinning off into arcane directions. ;) Absolutely True: I brought... more
          • Sorry, Britzen...DCG, Sat Jan 28 8:25pm
            ...but I know this may sound "condescending" (as a victim of such, I work very hard to NOT put it on others, but in this case, I *am* the closest thing to an Authority, here -- tho there are some of... more
    • Hey ya, Britzen! 👋Ioana, Sat Jan 28 4:38am
      Welcome to our LVC family. I hope to spend time with us here, I am sure that we'll respond at all your questions! At least me, because I sit on this blog daily and very often! Hehehe :))) I'm glad... more
    • Re: Allow me to introduce myself.Bob O, Sat Jan 28 1:54am
      Welcome to LVC world.
    • Hi BritzenDoc, Fri Jan 27 11:29pm
      So glad you found us! Welcome! Your boyfriend resembles LVC? You have just garnered the envy of all the BadBabes out there (as we refer to our lovely lady-friends who frequent the site). Lucky you!!... more
      • Re: Hi BritzenAnonymous, Sat Jan 28 5:57am
        There's a strong similarity. He has blue eyes and his nose isn't hooked, but other than that, he looks pretty damned close, especially if he wears a hat as he has a full head of graying hair. I think ... more
      • Re: Hi BritzenBritzen, Sat Jan 28 5:19am
        Thank you for the warm welcome!
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