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LVC's firearm skills.
Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:52am

First, I'd like to thank everyone for the warm welcome!

I scrolled back through a few years of posts and didn't see much about LVC's firearm experience. I did find one thread regarding the filming of a Bavaria beer commercial and his speed.

I've read his father taught him to shoot at 10 (nothing unusual where I live), and that Clint Eastwood was a little irritated LVC could outdraw him. Drawing is one thing, accuracy is another, so I was pleasantly surprised when I did find the Bavaria beer story. His firearm handling is one of the traits that intrigues me, for so much "gunplay" and ridiculous firearm handling in film and TV is usually fodder for viewing at my place.

I've come to call his reholstering the "Van Cleef Flip" with the backwards flip into either his hip or cross draw rig. Nothing fancy, but consistent.

Does anyone have more info on his marksmanship or firearm experience?

    • Howdy partner! :))) <3Ioana, Sat Jan 28 8:34am
      Hey Britzen! I heard that Lee's dad teach him to shoot at 10 years too! Little age, eh? But LVC is a veery strong man. 💎 How in the film "Return of Sabata" someone sing about Lee: *the... more
      • LVC's firearm skills.Britzen, Sat Jan 28 11:50am
        Teaching a ten yr old in the 30s would've been quite common. My boyfriend and I are avid gun enthusiasts and we try to get kids working small .22's at a young age, some even around 7. But I live in... more
        • John WayneBob O, Sat Jan 28 1:08pm
          I have no idea how accurate Lee's firearm shooting was but he was lightening fast on the draw. When they were shooting The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance in 1962, Lee told John Wayne he could hold his... more
          • Re: John WayneIoana, Sat Jan 28 2:40pm
            Thank you Bob O, for this awesome story! 😍 xoxo 💕
          • Re: John WayneBritzen, Sat Jan 28 2:04pm
            Wow, what a fantastic story, Bob. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for sharing. Britz
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