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Hey, everyone! 😶
Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:10am

Check my YouTube channel! I posted something which I think you'll like to watch. 😙

And for our new member Britzen, you have the link here:

Nice Sunday to all of you!
xoxo 💕

    • Another nice piece, Ioana....DCG, Sun Jan 29 9:56pm
      ...always liked this Theme by Riz Ortolani (one of the Great Composers of Euro & Italian Film -- including the Spaghetti Westerns HUNTING PARTY, UNHOLY FOUR, NIGHT OF THE SERPENT and, of course,... more
      • Mean FrankBob O, Mon Jan 30 8:30am
        DGC is right. The complete movie is titled Mean Frank and Crazy Tony. I saw it at the drive inn on the big screen in 1976 and really liked it. It's a very good gangster film with Lee in great form.... more
        • Re: Mean FrankBob O, Mon Jan 30 8:35am
          Didn't type that right. Some suite at the distributor got the bright idea to re-edit this film with a new title and cast members to make people think it's a sequel to the popular Escape From New... more
      • I realized, damn! ;)Ioana, Mon Jan 30 1:20am
        I know. I want to see the complete movie "Mean Frank and Crazy Tony". But where? Can you help me? xoxo 💖 and thanks for your compliment.
        • Lee Van CleefWendy, Mon Jan 30 4:52am
          Mean frank and crazy Tony is on YouTube but the copy is not brilliant but it's watchable 😊😍
          • ...currently on GooToob in its orginal length! Which is why, in my prior message, I commented that it "used to be available" there, but is not right now...and that "maybe it will return"... more
            • Mean Frank & Crazy Tony Aspect, Thu Feb 2 4:52am
              I have copies of the common "Escape From Death Row" DVD, as well as a copy of "Mean Frank & Crazy Tony" that was shown on Sky Cinema HD and put out as a bootleg DVD. From what I can tell, the Sky... more
              • Excellent detail work, Aaron!!! ;)DCG, Thu Feb 2 9:26pm
                Thanks for your hard graft, on this and all other tasks you undertake, on behalf of all us LVC fans an' pals!! I'll bet the DVD that I'll be gettin' soon is the Sky Cinema "cropped" version, then...... more
              • AaronBob O, Thu Feb 2 7:21am
                Looks good. The Escape from Death Row rework was done to cash in on the success of Escape From New York. When I first noticed information on the film, I thought it may be a new film due to the new... more
            • Thank you so much m'dear, you're right! Ioana, Tue Jan 31 11:36pm
              All these sites know only fool people. Every time when I want to access a website, it must show me one virus or one idiot thing. And then it do not let me see what I want. Very strange. 😞 I... more
              • You're welcome, Ioana -- we all...DCG, Wed Feb 1 5:17am
       our best to "keep (us all) informed", I'm sure! ;) And apologies to Wendy if I came on a bit strong w/my clarification of MF&CT bein' on GooToob: I'm a bit "demonstrative" sometimes (those... more
          • Thank you sweetie ❤Ioana, Mon Jan 30 10:32am
            I'll have a look later :) Love youu 😍💖👑
    • Thank You!Britzen, Sun Jan 29 7:09am
      Thanks for making the video, it was wonderful!
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