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Lee Van Cleef
Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:58am

Hi Everyone ✋ Lee is my life.I've loved him for about 30 years and still love him up to this day.He's my favorite actor. And love his movies 😍❤

    • Welcome Wendy!ATL Kathy, Tue Jan 31 8:38am
      Hi Wendy, glad you're here! Lots of nice folks who all adore LVC. You'll find you are in good company! Hugs!
      • Hi WendyBob O, Tue Jan 31 10:14am
        Glad you are a cleefy. There are two rare episodes of Lee in Schlitz Playhouse of Stars on You Tube. One is a Western directed by the great Ted Post and Lee appears with Mark Stevens, Jack Elam and... more
        • Actually, bobO, there are at least THREE of his eps currently on GooToob! The Western you mention, "Knave of Hearts": The Truckin' "Midnight Haul":... more
    • Indeed, "Welcome!", Wendy...!!DCG, Sun Jan 29 9:30pm
      Ioana has occasionally "referred" to you in our correspondence as her (only? iirc) "other LVC fan friend" (paraphrased), but I never knew your name. (It's one of my favourite gal's names, actually.... more
    • Welcome!Britzen, Sun Jan 29 7:07am
      Welcome! i'm a greenhorn 'round these parts as well. Looking forward to some great conversations about LVC.
    • Wendy, my BFF! 💕Ioana, Sun Jan 29 1:04am
      Finally you get courage and come here, dear! Yay! 😍 I hope to enjoy here, in our LVC family, you have many things to see here! My dear friend DCG will give you more information. Whatcha... more
      • Re: Wendy, my BFF! 💕Anonymous, Sun Jan 29 1:36am
        Thank you Ioana.I hope to enjoy it very much here 😁😘❤
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