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If I get my hands on you, ornery female....
Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:07am

Took a break from digging out the homestead and warmed up to The Treasure episode of "Have gun will travel". LVC is in a shootout with a Winchester (Pretty sure it's an 1894) donning woman and yells -

"If I get my hands you, ornery female, you'll wish a bullet got to you first!!!!

Boy, do I resemble this comment! LOL!!!! Had me howling!!! My boyfriend is convinced the writers thought of me writing that line, albeit I wasn't around at that time. :)

I've never watched Westerns much, so this was the first time seeing this show, along with the "Face of a Shadow" episode. There's a good deal comedy I wasn't expecting. Alright, back to snow management.

Keep your powder dry, Britz..

    • How cool! 😍Ioana, Wed Feb 1 12:05am
      I think that I watched all LVC's Spaghetti Westerns. This was the most beautiful period in my life. But wait a minute! Next week for me is holiday, and I'll watch SW again. Hehehe :))) I like the... more
    • Finger tipBob O, Tue Jan 31 2:37pm
      In one of the Have Gun episodes who notice Lee's middle finger on his right hand bandaged and in a finger splint. He had just cut off the tip making a play house for his daughter.
      • EarringBritzen, Tue Jan 31 4:27pm
        Thanks for the tip (bad humor), I'll have to take a closer look. I noticed in the gypsy episode he had gold hoop in his left ear. I could be wrong since my downloaded copy was grainy, but it didn't... more
        • The other oneBob O, Tue Jan 31 7:37pm
          It's the other one where you can see the finger injury clearly. Lee is shooting out a window. I think on a train if I remember correctly. Lee wore the earring in several of his later films. And he... more
          • Found it!Britzen, Wed Feb 1 4:44am
            Yes, went back and looked- at the ~4 minute mark on The Treasure, LVC is standing on the 2nd floor of an abandoned building in an abandoned town. He racks a Winchester 1894 and tries to wrap his... more
            • ...on LVC, esp his memories of speaking with those who knew and worked with Lee, during the period bobO was at a radio station (back in the 70s, iirc, bobO?)... As for the Earring(s), I'll have to... more
              • This is clearing more things up.Britzen, Wed Feb 1 8:38am
                Having both ears pierced would clear up some confusion for me.. IIRC, his right ear is adorned in Escape from New York. But I can attest, having pierced my own ears at 8yrs old only to trigger a Ni... more
                • LOL, Britz...did you go the...DCG, Wed Feb 1 1:56pm
                  ...Potato and Sewing Needle route then? ;P Anyway, your "Ni allergy" (sorry, now the Monty Python crew goin' "Ni!! Ni!!!" keeps echoin' in my noggin) is a corner of Earring Piercing History that I no ... more
                  • Re: LOL, Britz...did you go the...Britzen , Wed Feb 1 6:31pm
                    Lol! Sorry, I'm used to using Ni for brushed Nickle finish on hardware schedules. Love me some MP, I'll probably go around all day tomorrow saying it! Regarding the piercings, I used the old ice cube ... more
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