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ATL Kathy
LVC Month on STARZ Encore Westerns
Wed Feb 1, 2017 4:35pm

Just saw the best advertisement on STARZ Encore's LVC month, and they are airing a lot of his classic westerns.....Barquero, Death Rides a Horse, Sabata, Return of Sabata, etc.
Even though I've seen them all dozens of times, I'll be ready to watch them again. You just can't get enough of LVC. Thought I'd share this bit of happiness for those with the STARZ cable package. Enjoy!

    • LVC monthCuffs, Tue Feb 7 6:18am
      Thanks for the info. GBU was on TCM the other night & I really enjoyed watching Lee walk into Steven's house--what a shot ( no pun intended). The LVC month is an excellent idea and will probably... more
      • Welcome back, Cuffs! ;) (nm)DCG, Tue Feb 7 11:44pm
      • LVC MonthATL Kathy, Tue Feb 7 7:19pm
        Cuffs...........Glad you caught the update. I especially like the commercial for the LVC month, as it has the scene with Maggie, in ROS, blowing Sabata a kiss from the balcony, and him smiling back... more
    • Re: LVC Month on STARZ Encore WesternsBritzen, Thu Feb 2 7:08am
      Ooh Thank You!! I had satellite TV installed over in my Mom's cabin, so now I can log into Starz online and watch the movies on demand. I also noticed they had the two Death Valley Days episodes with ... more
      • LVC Month on STARZ Encore WesternsATL Kathy, Thu Feb 2 7:57pm
        Glad to help, Britzen! Always happy to share a little LVC love here. Enjoy! Could you send me the titles of the two Death Valley Days episodes? I'll try to catch those too. Thanks a bunch! Kathy
        • Death Valley DaysBritzen, Fri Feb 3 4:48am
          Snowshoe Thompson. Is one, and The Hat That Wore The West is the other. LVC is rocking some FAT pork chop burns in the Snowshoe episode. This is awesome, while I ordered Stars for my Moms setup, the... more
          • Death Valley DaysATL Kathy, Fri Feb 3 9:16pm
            Thanks, Britz for the info on Death Valley Days. I'll be checking them out this weekend. Can't wait to see the fat sideburns! Hope they don't cover up too much of that handsome face! Have a good one- ... more
          • Re: Death Valley DaysBob o, Fri Feb 3 8:16am
            I think Lee Marvin is also in the Hat episode of Death Valley Days. I use to wonder as a kid how one man could drive that 20 mule team hauling borax across Death Valley and what all those mules did... more
            • Death ValleyBritzen, Sat Feb 4 12:53pm
              That would not have been a fun trip. If they were taking boron from Boron,CA, they would have taken it East probably on the old route 66 near where Sammy Davis Jr. Lost his eye, which meets up with... more
              • Re: Death ValleyBob o, Sat Feb 4 4:05pm
                I apologise for getting mixed up about the two Lee's in Death Valley Days. I found my old VHS tapes and Lee Van Cleef is the only Lee in both episodes of Death Valley Days. I got it confused with the ... more
                • Re: Death ValleyBob o, Sat Feb 4 4:10pm
                  Audi Murphy was fastest according to a list I saw in Box Office Magazine in the 1980s. Sammy was second. Glenn Ford was 3rd with a .04 draw. Gee I can't remember 4th but LeeVan Cleef was 5th and... more
                  • What I remember ..Doc, Sat Feb 4 10:05pm
                    If memory serves, 1st, 2nd and 3rd are just as you stated, BobO. But I believe Lee was 5th, right behind Ken Curtis who played Festus in Gunsmoke. I remember being surprised by that. Believe it or... more
            • jic you haven't seen it ...Doc, Fri Feb 3 9:51pm
              I'm sure BobO, DCG and others have, in fact numerous times, but for anyone who hasn't here's a link to The Grave, a great episode from the original Twilight Zone series which stars Lee Van Cleef, Lee ... more
            • Re: Death Valley DaysBritzen, Fri Feb 3 10:46am
              I may be blind, but I after the Snowshoe Thompson episode, I couldn't find the Hat episode on Starz. But they have 159+ episodes, ill look again, now I really want to see it with Lee Marvin in it.... more
              • I was wrongBob o, Fri Feb 3 3:34pm
                I drive a school bus now and it suddenly dawned on me that Lee Marvin is not in hat with Lee on Death Valley Days. I'll look it up when I get a chance this weekend but I'm rather sure I was thinking... more
                • One up on me, bobO...DCG, Sun Feb 5 12:03am
         you are on several more! ;) Yet to find/see "Charlie Faust" ep of RD. Same with the DEATH VALLEY DAYS eps, ST and HTWtW....envious of those those with Cable and encoreWESTERNS. *sigh* It was my ... more
    • At least me, I can't...Ioana, Thu Feb 2 12:38am at these movies, unfortunately. 😟 But I have a laptop 😂 so I can to watch, whenever I want. However, I watched all his Spaghetti Westerns, but how you said, my dear Kathy,... more
    • Thx, Kath! Wish I still had...DCG, Wed Feb 1 8:03pm
      ...cable, never mind encW. Nice Birthday Month Present, even tho the Powers That Be at encW obviously had no idea. ;P (And yeah, if I *did* have cable/encW, I would watch too...despite the fact that... more
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