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LVC in Apple Valley,CA
Thu Feb 2, 2017 7:35am

I was rooting around some old 2009 posts on here and saw LVC had lived in Apple Valley,CA when he had the Lone Pine accident. Then came across a gentleman, George Streubing, who had been neighbors trying to contact Alan Van Cleef. I didn't see anything come of it, I was wondering if anyone had info on the area or street in AV where LVC resided. It doesn't look like Mr. Streubing posted again.

I had to spend my teenage years in AV, my folks had the house next door to Roy Rogers old pad on HWY 18. LVC lived there a few years before before Roy and Dale, and I know there really wasn't anything there but the AV Inn and a small village in the late 50s, but I guess it would be centrally located for filming at the various rock outstripping in the region.

I shot an old H.S. friend a line regarding LVC. She managed the famous Summit Inn on top of the Cajon Pass until it horrifically burned last summer. The Summit was a stopping point for many coming over the pass, including actors passing through to and from filming locations. While I'm not holding out for much, she's going to ask the original owner, Cecil, if he has any info on LVC.

I'd be interested if anyone had more information. I've rooted through a few docs from the City of AV, but haven't found much.


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