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Tarantino, LVC & SW's
Thu Feb 9, 2017 10:44am

After recognizing the Angel Eyes homage in Pulp Fiction, (remember I just saw GBU for the first time a month ago) I've started rewatching all of Tarantino's movies, I'm loving all the LVC and SW references.

I knew QT was a SW fan, but had no idea on the LVC connection in his films.

With QT being such a huge fan of LVC's, it's a shame their working timelines didn't line up. Going back and rewatching QT's movies, there would have been magic with those two working together.

I did see the old post from Alan Van Cleef not liking QT's activism and comments, I'm not trying to get political at all, just focusing on QT's work and his influences.


    • LVC influenceCuffs, Sat Feb 11 6:07am
      QT apparently really took to LVC and no wonder. Lee's influence goes deeper than most younger viewers realize. To expand on this, watch "Tombstone"--everyone tries to look like LVC. It seems to me... more
      • Re: LVC influenceBob O, Sat Feb 11 12:08pm
        When Lee was shooting the beer commerical in California just before he died, he told the people who showed up to buy his screen shot photos he was selling For A Few Dollars More was his favorite of... more
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