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New on YouTube: Death Valley Days (Snowshoe Thompson)
Tue Feb 14, 2017 1:46pm

Hello !

Death Valley Days (Episode Snowshoe Thompson) with a very young LCV on YouTube

Here the link on YouTube:

Enjoy it....


    • Yes, THX, Heiko! ;)DCG, Wed Feb 15 11:29pm
      Lee's got some great Mutton Chops, here....LOL! DCG.
    • Thank you Bob O, Wed Feb 15 2:28am
      I enjoyed Lee in Snowshoe Thompson. A somewhat different role for Lee. It was from 1954 and Lee was 29 years old. I watched a Schlitz Playhouse of Stars with Lee as a sailor on a wind clipper on the... more
      • Yep, bobO, as usual...DCG, Wed Feb 15 10:29pm're Spot-On. ;) Thanks to Heiko's tip, I've now added "Snowshoe Thompson" to my growing collection of LVC's TV performances. Still lookin' for one of the pivotal ones, tho: THE MEDIC's "Day... more
        • MedicBob O, Thu Feb 16 6:19am
          Yes the Medic would be a good score. As you know in a couple of interviews Lee said when ask about his career in film before Leone said before his (his words) European move the things he thinks about ... more
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