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Bob O
Waterfront with Lee Van Cleef Jack Elam.
Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:31am

Just watched an episode of Waterfront with Preston Foster called Skippers day. Kathleen Crosby and Carl Betz are the main guest stars but Lee Van Cleef and Jack Elam play the bad guys and then are reunited a couple of years later with Preston Foster whom they had good scenes in 1952s Kansas City Confidential. It's on You Tube if you care to find it.

    • Thank You DCG and Bob!Britzen, Thu Feb 16 10:27am
      Sweetness!!!! Haven't had much time the past week or so to look for LVC material, this helps a lot! I'm processing a beef I had hanging so I have FF$M playing in the background over my butcher... more
      • U go, Cowgrrl...! ;)DCG, Thu Feb 16 9:42pm
        (Gotta have one's Priorities, and Eatin's more important than downloadin'....) While it's helpful to Strike While the Iron's Hot with GooToob uploads (sometimes they Disappear faster than one would... more
        • I see what you did there.Britzen, Fri Feb 17 6:53am
          Guess I'm a real "Cow" Girl, LOL! You wont catch me in those goofy boots, though. I made a point to jump on the Waterfront download as soon as I woke up. Saved for after the T-bone session is done.... more
          • Hope the BIG GUNDOWN print...DCG, Fri Feb 17 10:35pm
            ...on the Grit Channel is the Uncut version -- but frankly, I have my doubts. I've got the Best Available Print current extant, if you're interested. It's one of Lee's best films, imho... ;) Drop me... more
        • Schlitz Playhouse DCGBob O, Fri Feb 17 6:42am
          You may want to capture Schlitz Playhouse. Three of the six I think it is, episodes were in You Tube. The western one with Mark Stevens and the truck heist one with Kevin MacCarthy were still there... more
          • LVC's "Schlitz" eps you mention, bobO...DCG, Fri Feb 17 10:44pm
            ...are still up on GooToob: The Black Mate (the sea-faring one you note) Midnight Haul (the trucking ep)... more
          • Schlitz PH.Britzen, Fri Feb 17 9:17am
            I've seen Knave of Hearts, Black Mate (LVC had some awesome sideburns in that one), and midnight haul. Haven't had a chance to look for the others. I'm trying to work my way UP the list on IMDB,... more
    • Link...and THX, H!!! ;)DCG, Wed Feb 15 10:31pm
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