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MEDIC: Day 10 (potential bad news...)
Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:57pm

First off, there's *always* Hope that somewhere, somehow even the most obscure, "lost", "destroyed" or otherwise AWOL prints of films and TV shows might eventually re-emerge from the abyss...

Happens all the time, actually. ;)

That being said, I've recently heard that, apparently, the Rights-holders of the MEDIC show claim Lee's guest-shot on THE MEDIC may belong to the ages...

It's said that the "Day 10" episode was not "salvageable", among those they possessed.

Again --- one shouldn't despair: every year, more and more material sees the light of day...

Maybe even one day, Orson Welle's preferred, uncut print of THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS will surface, eh? ;)

(That's an in-joke for Obscure Film geeks...)

Fingers crossed,

    • Re: MEDIC: Day 10 (potential bad news...)Bob 0, Mon Feb 20 7:01am
      That is disappointing. If Lee were still around I'm sure he would be disappointed too. He pointed out he played a good guy for a change and a DOCTOR too...Helping fellow doctor Richard Boone solve a... more
      • which I hinted, previously. Just from my own direct experience, I know that TV stations back then often had whole libraries full of reels and reels and REELS of film and quarter-inch tape of... more
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