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Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:31pm

Just stumbled upon this:

SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE s02e016 "Guns for El Khadar"

The series has been offered as a DVD-r set for many years now, but it was too much to pay for wanting only 30m of it!

Fortunately (pun intended) some sharper decided to post a bunch of them on GooToob, including LVC's guest-shot!

Enjoy...but don't dawdle: Rights Holders have been more and more aggressive about checking GooToob and makin'em take down their property! (Which, ahem, IS after all their "right". ;) )


    • Re: Good news: LVC in SOLDIER OF FORTUNEBritzen, Sun Feb 19 4:44am
      Awesome! The episode was still there as of zero dark thirty this morning. Most appreciative. Britz
    • Enjoyed it. Thanks DCGBob O, Sun Feb 19 3:36am
      Lee knew Lee best because he was Lee so we must agree most of his best roles and best acting before Leone was on television. With the exception of It Conquered the World, Last Stagecoach West and a... more
      • Yep, bobO...DCG, Sun Feb 19 9:10am
        ...LVC was certainly proud of (some) of his television performances. I went lookin' for his exact words, but got distracted --- I think it was from the BAD AT THE BIJOU (Horner) interview, which I've ... more
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