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Hey darlings, I missed you! :(
Sat Feb 25, 2017 1:47pm

For Monday I need to make an essay at literature. And I have a difficult teacher, so it must to work a lot. 😕

However I decided to make a new video. And I hope to like it, I worked a lot on it. 🙊

xoxo 💕

    • Must be a horse weekend.Britzen, Sun Feb 26 7:23am
      Rock on, nice vid. 😊 The Sabata movies are some of my favorites. It must be a horse-themed weekend, we had a black bear and a cutting horse charge each other only to freak each other out and... more
    • Superb! Thanks CowGirl! (nm)Doc, Sat Feb 25 9:08pm
    • Nice workBob O, Sat Feb 25 8:24pm
      What is the opening picture from? The girl with the horse. Haven't seen it before have I? Not in either Sabata. I was anxious to see the 3 Lee Van Cleef films to be released here in the US in 1970. I ... more
      • Let me explain you some things, Bob O...Ioana, Sat Feb 25 10:30pm
        So, that girl with the horse is my profile picture on YouTube. Normally, is fake, because I want to keep my identity unknown. For now. 😅 And, how I said in description, from now I will sign... more
        • OkayBob O, Sun Feb 26 6:46am
          I got it. That pic had nothing to do with the Sabata films. It's your handle pic. Same if I used a pic of cowboy in Texas who is generic for my profile pic. I looked again I it seems the cowgirl may... more
    • Sabata swoonCuffs, Sat Feb 25 3:39pm
      Thank you, darling girl, very nice! My goodness is Lee gorgeous in these Sabata films. Just love the hat & mustache!
      • From now I'll know...Ioana, Sat Feb 25 10:34pm
        ...that Sabata is your favorite movie! I can say the same, because I like so much his attitude there, his words, his face... what I say? All!!! 😍 I'm glad that you like my video 💕... more
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