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God, just only my videos I post here? :))
Sat Mar 4, 2017 11:22am

No, I want to post another things too 💖. But my work about my dear cowboy, forever!

So, here is link to my new video:

And here is something about "Sabata" and "Return of Sabata" movies:

It must to put last week, when I put the video too, but I had so much homework for high school!

So, I hope to like my posts! I try to make good stuff for you and sure, for our Lee, eh?

xoxo 💕

    • I've been too busy to post lately ...Doc, Sat Mar 4 11:14pm
      ... but never too busy to watch your vids. I LOVE THEM !!! Keep up the good work!!
      • Awww, how sweet! 😍Ioana, Sun Mar 5 3:52am
        Thank you Doc, I will, always for all of you and always for LEE VAN CLEEF! 💕 Somebody told me that he see what I do and he is glad. And told me that I'm very talented! It's true? :))) xoxo... more
        • More than just Lee...DCG, Sun Mar 5 11:14pm
          ...we're ALL "watching".... Just don't always have the Time At The this: ME/MIND: "Should I take the time to Reply to Ioana, or shall I eat and sleep?" "Should I take the time to Reply ... more
          • Oh no! :| 😨Ioana, Tue Mar 7 12:27pm
            Oops, I think I exceeded the limit. I'm so sorry, and this time I support my point of view, I'm guilty! 😥 Sorry to everyone, if I talked TOO much. And I admit. Sometimes I can be unbearable.... more
            • DCG was kiddingBob 0, Wed Mar 8 9:50am
              Don't take anything here seriously. Some of us are just poking fun. Honestly I don't see a problem with your degree of talking at all. We all love you and love that you care for our Lee so much. As... more
            • Ioana...TAKE A DEEP BREATH...DCG, Wed Mar 8 12:38am
              ...I was KIDDING YOU!! Obviously, I mistakenly thought you could "take it" at this point, with all my (apparently, lackluster) "attempts" to coach you toward Chillin' Out... Mea culpa. Bestest, DCG.... more
              • I know m'dear, calm down!Ioana, Wed Mar 8 9:16pm
                It wasn't your fault! ✌ You just had a cute sense of humor, as our Lee! :) Sorry, because I post too often just about my videos! 😦 But, how this blog is a tribute to our man, my YouTube ... more
        • It's true all right ;-) (nm)Doc, Sun Mar 5 9:30pm
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