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ATL Kathy
Robert Osborne
Mon Mar 6, 2017 6:10pm

DCG, Doc, Bob O, Aaron....and EVERYBODY else.....saw that Robert Osborne died today. Any of you gentlemen (and ladies) have any encounters with him, and if so, what are your thoughts? Personally, I liked the guy and thought he had a pleasant screen presence. RIP Robert.
Hope all is well in your world.....Hugs!

    • RIP, Robert Osborne!Ioana, Tue Mar 7 12:20pm
      Unfortunately I don't know the man but if you like him so much that means it was an amazing man. My all good thoughts for him. I hope that he will go in heaven, there where is the place for the good... more
    • Yeah, I heard about RO...DCGn, Mon Mar 6 9:04pm
      ...I think it was in the wee-hours, this morning. "Cause of death was not disclosed"...but I'm sure it'll surface, eventually. He's been winding back his TCM hosting duties for some time now, and I... more
      • It won't be the same without him.Doc, Wed Mar 8 12:18pm
        I know someone (a colleague of mine at Western Michigan and a huge old-movie buff) who had developed a long-running correspondence with him. He described him as a real sweetheart of a guy. R.I.P. Mr. ... more
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