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Star Trek - Lee in the casting list from 1987
Fri Mar 10, 2017 7:57am

Roddenberry’s Project 365: Behind The Scenes of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Although the plan for Project 365 is to cover the entire run of the series, the first several documents released so far have focused on the beginning. Going all the way back to 1987, starting out with some of the early development of Star Trek: The Next Generation as a TV show, readers get a rarely-seen look at how TNG evolved.

One of the first documents released was a casting list from April 1987, with a rundown of potential actors to play Captain Picard. Interestingly, Patrick Stewart is not listed. Instead, a variety of actors including Yaphet Kotto, John Saxon, Billy Dee Williams, and Lee Van Cleef are displayed as possibilities. Readers may need to click-through to a full-screen option to view the document in greater detail.

    • Nice find, Heiko -- thx! ;) (nm)DCG, Sat Mar 11 8:35am
    • Oh, whow!Maggie, Fri Mar 10 12:07pm
      Interesting news! I do like Captain Picard the way he is and maybe he was the better choice as well as far as general fitness and age are concerned - but just imagine! Star Treck would have got me... more
      • Welcome back Maggie. We missed you. (nm)Doc, Fri Mar 10 9:23pm
        • Thanks Doc!Maggie, Sat Mar 11 3:54am
          I've always been lurking around corners and kept an eye on you bunch, I just didn't get round to writing much. :)
          • Also...Bob 0, Sat Mar 11 7:49am
            Lee was in the running for the heavy in the James Bond film "The Living Daylights" but they chose Joe Don Baker when they got down to making their choice. Lee was also in the running for an Alfred... more
            • Another thoughtCuffs, Mon Mar 27 12:00pm
              I agree with the current popularity of LVC. I also think he would have been excellent in "The Thomas Crown Affair". Quiet, elegant, somewhat menacing, very intense & intelligent. He & Faye Dunaway... more
              • Director Norman Jewison himself...DCG, Mon Mar 27 10:09pm
                ...expressed his doubts of McQueen's ability to pull off the "portrayal of a successful executive planning robberies", in an interview with the late Robert Osborne, on TCM's "Private Screenings".... more
              • Bah, McQueen! (nm)Maggie, Mon Mar 27 12:05pm
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