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Where are my articles?
Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:34pm

Or I don't see very well?

Can somebody explain what happened with my articles from "Beyond the Law"?

They were spam messages?

xoxo 💕

    • Re: Where are my articles?, Tue Mar 14 7:52am
      The text was pornographic in nature. Someone complained. They were removed.
      • Oh, sorry!Ioana, Tue Mar 14 8:42am
        Thanks Aaron! I hate when appears content like that. It's better now. Sorry if it was my fault! ;)
      • Wasn't me.Bob 0, Tue Mar 14 8:02am
        Wasn't me. I was on my 67th read through when it suddenly disappeared.
        • Wasn't meATL Kathy, Thu Mar 16 12:41pm
          BOB O Now I REALLY DO wish I had seen this post! Pornographic? REALLY? Can't even begin to imagine . Well I really can, but I won't go there.......needless to say, it wasn't me either!
          • No clue eitherDoc, Thu Mar 16 9:21pm
            Could it have been an actual member of the Van Cleef Family? If that's the case, they'd have every right IMO. I don't recall seeing it either, but I do remember the question being raised as to... more
            • I did actually...Maggie, Fri Mar 17 2:14am
              ... read most of it. It did spin on the yarn of Beyond the Law in crafty terms and a totally unexpected direction, no personal observations about any of the real-life-actors or the way they looked or ... more
              • Yea, you're right Maggie!Ioana, Fri Mar 17 9:14am
                Here is my fault! I admit! I didn't read the article. So I didn't know what kind of stuff is there. Oops! Now I will know what to do in situations like this! xoxo 💕
                • Don't stress about it loanaBob O, Fri Mar 17 9:06pm
                  Actually I just skimmed it quickly one time and didn't notice any explicit sex. I was just joking about 67 times. As Maggie indicated, it wasn't that bad. Beyond the Law is my least favorite of Lee's ... more
                  • Yep! Ioana, Sat Mar 18 12:05pm
                    Beyond the Law was my first movie of Lee! So then I fell in love and I started my passion for him. Thanks Bob O! I won't stress about this, if you say. 💕 xoxo 😙
                • A perfect strategy...Maggie, Fri Mar 17 9:40am
                  ... for the future, but I did actually enjoy reading this, so don't worry too much!
        • Musta blinked an' missed 'em...DCG, Tue Mar 14 9:24pm
 I have no clue what she's talkin' about. Glad you enjoyed 'em bobO (as maybe some BBs did, too) -- didn't know you swung that way! Betcha like INDIO BLACK, too, eh? Yul in all that Black... more
        • Ok, sorry Bob O! Ioana, Tue Mar 14 8:46am
          I didn't have any idea about that offensive content! But I'm not nervous, I'm really glad that articles disappeared! Sorry! xoxo 💕
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