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I know you hate me, but...
Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:55pm

I continue to post =)))

Because it's the only video which I like the most! 😙
I hope you like it!

xoxo 💕

    • Re: I know you hate me, but...Heiko, Sun Mar 19 1:29am
      Hello Princess 😀 Thanks for all Videos. I love your Channel. Hope we see more soon. Very good 😉
      • Many thanks Heiko! 👌Ioana, Sun Mar 19 2:25pm
        And of course, for your gesture in this morning. That was a great surprise, it brightened my day! 😍 Thanks! xoxo 💕
    • Nobody "hates" you, Ioana...DCG, Sat Mar 18 6:11pm
      ...where did you get that idea?? (If it's from posting an article that got a complaint --- that doesn't equal "hate", and it was apparently only one person who complained, anyway...) You're always... more
      • Exactly, m'dear! ✋Ioana, Sun Mar 19 12:17am
        I just made a joke with those words: "hate me" =)) From now I'll know, I'll read the article before I post it. Thanks for your support! xoxo 💕
        • Awright, Ioana...DCG, Sun Mar 19 9:27am
          ...still getting to know your Sense of Humus (sic)... ;P DCG.
    • Nice work. Bob O, Sat Mar 18 3:34pm
      I'm happy you love Lee. We are all family here because we all are LVC fans. Bad Man's River was beautifully shot but the script, freeze frames and some set pieces made it one of Lee's disappointing... more
      • Hmm... new information! Ioana, Sun Mar 19 12:23am
        Thanks Bob O! And of course, for encouraging me. I didn't know until now about James Mason and his thoughts. And I will never forget that we are here the LVC family! At least, I like "Bad Man's... more
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