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Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:38am

Hi everyone, I'm new :)
I'm a fan of Lee and spaghetti westerns. When I saw him first time in "GBU", I was very impressed - tall, well-built guy with expressive eyes. He was a great actor and handsome man. I fell in love with him :)


    • Yaaaaay, a new member here? 😱Ioana, Sun Mar 19 2:22pm
      Hey hey, pypciu! How are you? ☺ I know I'm sometimes crazy, that's why I named my YT channel Crazy Cowgirl.25, but this is another story. Welcome here, in our LVC family! I see that most of... more
      • Hey Ioanapypciu, Sun Mar 19 2:37pm
        I saw your YouTube channel, good work :) GBU was the first spaghetti western that I watched. Beyond the law is one of my favourites movies with Lee :D I'm a woman :)
        • Awee, I'm glad!Ioana, Sun Mar 19 10:15pm
          Another member between us, the BadBabes =)) I saw your article with your favorite films, and there I see that you like "Beyond the Law" too! 😍 Thanks for your compliments! xoxo 💕
    • Welcome, "pypciu"! ;)DCG, Sun Mar 19 9:30am
      You're in good company, here --- between us Bad Dudes, and especially among your fellow Bad Babes. ;) And if you have any questions about LVC, feel free to ask...there are lots of helpful,... more
      • Re: Welcome, "pypciu"! ;)pypciu, Sun Mar 19 12:46pm
        Thank you for the nice welcome, DCG :)
        • You're very welcome, m'dear ;) (nm)DCG, Sun Mar 19 10:22pm
        • Yes welcomeBob O, Sun Mar 19 1:21pm
          The Good, The Bad and Ugly is one of Lee's most famous films. Others are High Noon, Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Young Lions, The Bravados, For A Few Dollars More and Escape From New York. Three ... more
          • Re: Yes welcomepypciu, Sun Mar 19 1:59pm
            Hi Bób O, GBU was my first movie with Lee, but it was a few years ago. Since then I've seen more :) I didn't watch only two movies from this list - "Guns, girls and gangsters" and Escape from NY. My... more
            • I'm not the first ..Doc, Thu Mar 23 4:22pm
              but let me also welcome you to the board. Guns, Girls and Gangsters is great fun. I also love Death Rides A Horse. Lee just owns it!
            • BIG GUNDOWN, yes...DCG, Sun Mar 19 10:20pm
              ...but have you seen the "restored" version? Basically, you should be able to tell the answer to that depending on the Opening Scene of the version you've watched... More on BG/restored, just ask. ;) ... more
            • BOB, not bób - sorry 😀pypciu, Sun Mar 19 2:07pm
              My smartphone changed this word to polish 😀
          • OthersBob O, Sun Mar 19 1:25pm
            You seem to already know about the several great SWs Lee started in with Big Gundown, to me, the best non Leone SW. There are 4 episodes of Space Patrol on You Tube with Lee and one of those is where ... more
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