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arch stanton
Tomas Milian (nm)
Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:26am

    • Big Gundown DVD. Bob o, Sat Mar 25 6:34am
      Tomas says some nice things about working with Lee in Big Gundown on his interview in the extras section of the DVD. I'm very pleased with my copy of the multi disk release. The picture is crisp and... more
    • Re: Tomas Milian arch stanton, Thu Mar 23 10:30am
      Sadly Tomas Milian has passed away.He was 84.Co-starred in The Big Gundown
      • RIP, Tomás...DCG, Thu Mar 23 2:48pm
        ...enjoyed our chats. (Heard this from George Hilton a few minutes ago, Arch...glad I didn't have to be the bearer of Bad news.) Bestest, DCG.
      • No, I can't believe! 😲Ioana, Thu Mar 23 1:15pm
        The best actor I've ever seen on screen after Lee and I loved so much how he played with Lee in that movie! I liked him so much that I put him as an important character in my books! 😭 I hope... more
        • Thomas MilianWendy, Fri Mar 24 9:06am
          R.I.P Thomas,He was a great actor in The Big gundown.,It was the only movie I saw of his but he played a great part along side Lee Van Cleef.He Will be sadly missed 😭😭❤
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