Bad news: IMDB has killed...
Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:05pm

...it's FORUM/discussion option.

There were many nice tidbits one could find in those various comments (both on the LVC page and many other pages, over the years).

All gone, now.

BAD -- and I don't mean in the "good"/LVC way -- VERY BAD news.


    • IMDbTheBad7, Fri Feb 9 7:03am
      It's been a year since they removed the Comments Pages. That outfit is run by morons--the Comments Sections were literally filled with gold. I'd bet that activity on IMDb is way down since they made... more
    • Damn, what's this?Ioana, Fri Mar 24 12:33pm
      How it's possible? There was so many interesting articles, on my laptop I still have some. ❤ Hey, dudes? What do you want to do with our Lee? Now it would be "amazing" if LVC page would... more
      • Re: Damn, what's this?Bob o, Sat Mar 25 6:30am
        That is disappointing. Wonder why? I noticed some actors and actresses were trashed viciously by some. Maybe that was it. The trivia section is bothersome to me as some pages have bogus info such as... more
        • Haven't investigated yet, bobO...DCG, Sat Mar 25 4:07pm
          ...but my suspicion is that they just bumped it up to a Subscription Perk. Will try to find some time to check this out RSN...unless someone else beats me to it. ;P Best, DCG.
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